What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I so want to be playing Diablo III this weekend, especially after Blizzard’s outstanding launch event and getting to chat with the game creators. Unfortunately, I have to play secret game for a work project. I also have to play some Dragon’s Dogma for another site. All that said, I fully appreciate what a wonderful problem I’m blessed with. Beats the hell out of assembling iPhones in a Chinese sweatshop, no?

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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27 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

    1. I don't think I will ever finish it. They still haven't finished the seasons unending bugs that prevent me from continuing the main quest. I don't think I will ever buy Bethesda games new or day one again. Skyrim has been ruined by their bad coding to me.

      1. I havent gotten there yet, So no, i am not going to finish this weekend.

        I had to finish the Thieves guild, bard's college, companions, college of winterhold, dark brotherhood, deadric artifact, dragon priest mask and civil war missions before i could actually proceed to the main quest.

        The game is literally too big. I am not even having fun anymore. Playing is more of a chore right now.

      2. That is why I play different characters. I have different stories I tell with each. For Skyrim, I have a Argonian stealth character that joins the brotherhood, thrives, and legion, a Nord who joins fighters, mates, and mainstory, and a second Nord I did specifically as a test for the civil war. I can't finish my main characters story.

      3. Ive gotten glitched a few times, but I've gotten lucky and found backdoor solutions to quests.

    2. I had played almost 60 hours and someone asked me how many dragons I had killed. I told them 0. I had not seen a dragon the entire game. I hadn't done the mission needed to begin seeing dragons yet, which is apparently early on in the main quest. I have been doing anything but the main quest

      1. Slicky, do the Ohgma infinium daedric mission. It's cheap, but it's a REAL easy way to level up to 100!

  1. Not a clue. My roommate and I will be taking turns with Legend of Dragoon most likely. We barrowed it from a friend because neither of us has ever finished.

      1. If they are going to buy ads on the 360 dashboard, then they clearly think there is a market.

      2. If they can't port it good enough to meet standards, the they need to can the team and not the game. They could even cheat and use keyboard, which the xbox supports.

  2. Any gaming that will be done will be done sunday. Swtor if no one i know wants to play halo anniv ed., or any other game.

  3. A little bit of Batman Arkham City, maybe some MW3, 2k12, or Halo Anniversary. Other than that I'll be reading some more Ultimate Spider-Man and one of the story arcs from Spectacular Spider-Man.

  4. Now that I am out of school and can't find a job I am going to just play all of the games I have acquired. I have 20+ games that haven't even been unwrapped. I was just buying like crazy to hit the 200 mark.

  5. Comic Con Dallas is this weekend. I am trying to find a ride down there since my truck is broke down. But it will be my first Comic Con to go to.

  6. Just got back from D.C. and after I take a long shower to get the stink of politics off me, I'll be trying to finish Gears 3 with the wife.


    1. I've been to DC, and there's alot more stink than just that of the politics my friend.

      The coolest thing in the whole city however is the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I totally geeked for hours in that place a few times.

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