Rock Band Blitz: Do You Care?

For its next game, Harmonix is mixing its recent past (Rock Band) with it distant past (Frequency, Amplitude) to create Rock Band Blitz. Available for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this summer, Rock Band Blitz is a rhythm/music game (duh!) that uses popular music, similar to the company’s recent hits. Unlike Harmonix’s most recent games, this one uses a standard controller, similar to the company’s early PlayStation 2 games. My question for you today is this: Do yo care to play a music-rhythm game without plastic instruments?

On the plus side, the game is more accessible since everyone that has a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 has a standard controller. The game also works with thousands of songs from the Rock Band Music Store. That said, games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band caught on because of the plastic instruments; they gave gamers a different kind of interactivity and helped them connect with the music like never before. While I loved Frequency and Amplitude, those games weren’t nearly as popular as Harmonix’s plastic-instrument titles.

So, do you care about Rock Band Blitz?

Author: RPadTV

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