What Are You Playing This Weekend?

In addition to my usual batch of iPad games, I plan on playing some Quarrel for Xbox Live this weekend. Do you know why I’m going to play Quarrel? Because it’s going to be the game for next week’s RPad.TV Invitational tournament! Quarrel Deluxe was one of my favorite iPad games in 2011. The one thing it was missing was a multiplayer mode. The Xbox Live version takes care of that and I’m hoping that several of you will play Quarrel with me next week.

How about you? What’s on your weekend playlist? Also, which day works best for some Quarrel skirmishes next week?

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      1. You need to kill 72,000 zombies. Nothing says "achievement whore" quite like tedious and pointless grinding.

        C'mon… you know you want to.


      2. I tried the one similar to that one L4D (only 50,000ish) but the save data got lost around the 30,000 mark multiple times. I should have that achievement probably a couple times over by now, but lost data has prevented me from this.

  1. I will have to take a look at quarrel then. Otherwise It's pretty basic for me, I might have to play some more MW3 because I want to just be done with the campaign, even though I've only spent maybe 4 hours with it.

    One big thing for me this week is that I will be looking online for some trade paperbacks that I will be looking at getting. I'm looking for mostly Spiderman trades, so if anyone has any suggestions I would be more than happy to get some ideas of what I should be looking for since I am new to trades.

      1. I will look into that one as well then. Venom and Carnage storylinesare some of my favorites as well so I'm looking at a couple of those,but I want to get some trades with the smart mouthed spiderman that Iknow and love.

      2. In the ultimate line, the first appearance of Venom and Carnage happen pretty early on. If you're talking about TPB, Venom is vol. 6 and Carnage is vol. 11. I have to warn you though; the origins of these two are NOTHING like you think they are or how they are portrayed in other Spiderman stories. It is a new, unique take on the characters. Part of the reason is probably because ultimate X-Men and Spiderman forgo any alien craziness that have boggled other stories. Because of this, Bendis has to think of a more "realistic" and creative way of telling the origins of Venom and Carnage without extraterrestrial roots… and he succeeds with flying colors.

        The smart-ass Spiderman is very much present in Bendis’ writing, especially when he is in the middle of a fight. I remember two scenes from the Kingpin story arc that made me literally laugh out loud. I was laughing so hard that my wife came over and asked me if I was O.K. In my opinion, the Ultimate Spiderman character is what the character in the Spiderman movies SHOULD have been like. Instead, we get the anemic Tobey Maguire (which one of the story arcs in the comics actually makes fun of) and this s&%#:
        [youtube 2lju1vCkfmk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lju1vCkfmk youtube]


        P.S.- The top two comments on the video's page are funny as hell.

      3. I wouldn't call Maguire's performance anemic. I thought he portrayed Spiderman pretty well actually, just better in the first two movies rather than the third. He also did a much better job than I believe Andrew Garfield will in the upcoming Spiderman movie.

        When it comes to Venom and Carnage I do enjoy the traditional back stories, but Spiderman overall does suffer pretty badly when it over-relies on alien/space travel or over the top plot points (specifically things like Spiderman Unlimited; it was also overused in the 1994 Spiderman animated series to explain Mary Jane not actually dying *shakes fist angrily at Fox network). A more realistic story for Venom and Carnage sounds great to me, so I will look forward to when I can get some of these and start reading.

      4. BMM is writing has been pretty awesome but u can't also count out Mark Millar too. Just came out with another series "Supercrooks" first issue was pretty cool too and the ending to kick ass vol.2, was like whoa!

    1. Ultimate Spiderman! Brian Bendis & Mark Bagley FTW!

      That's my favorite Spiderman line. Aside from that one, I like J. Mike Straczynski's Amazing Spiderman series leading up to Civil War (starting with vol. 1, "Coming Home"). The only thing with Strac's line is that you have to be a bit familiar with a lot of the past events that took place in Amazing Spider-man issues in the 80's and 90's.

      This is why Bendis' Ultimate line is superior. There are only 100 issues (or 22 Trade Paperbacks) that chronicle the entire series from the very beginning with a modern twist and a more "realistic" grounding. The beauty of this line is also how it flows naturally with the other ultimate series (Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and The Ultimates). The ultimates universe (for the most part) synchronizes well and everything is connected. The "ultimates" line is also unencumbered by the mess of past Marvel events.

      If you can shell out more for the hard cover, I would do that since I think it's a better value, but you could also do the Power and Responsibility TPB (that collects Ultimate Spider-man #1-7) to start you off. I think the series generally gets better over time. If you are looking for a good Spiderman series, these two are the ones you want to read.


  2. I don't think I'm going to have too much time to play this weekend. I've got a baby birthday party on Saturday and Wrestlemania on Sunday. My buddy wants to tailgate at 2:30 p.m., but the actual event doesn't start until 7:00. I just hope that I am sober enough to walk to my seat and enjoy the actual wrestling instead of passing out and vomiting all over the place.


    1. If you do have some time this weekend for gaming (tonight really) I got Halo Anniversary edition for $20, so I am messing around with that a little bit. I'm up for some co-op legendary, especially if we can find a 3rd/4th. I am starting to remember how far we have come in video games since this came out because it still feels pretty stiff at some times.

      1. Cool. Just send me an invite if you see me online. I don't think you can do 3 or 4 player co-op on this game, but I've never tried, so I wouldn't know.

        Also, increase the sensitivity of your right thumbstick and that should help out a bit with the stiffness. The worst part for me is remembering all the flaws that Bungie fixed since the first Halo. Namely, the sniper rifle is ineffective against the Flood and vehicles, no vehicle jacking (died a couple of times before I remembered that one), and driving the Warthog feels like controling a cloud on a sheet of ice.


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