HBO Go Now Available for Xbox 360

Microsoft has rolled out a bunch of new apps for Xbox 360, including one for the outstanding HBO Go service. Available to HBO subcribers, HBO Go allows viewers to stream a ton of movies, television shows, and sports events. In the past, the network has allowed HBO Go users to catch early episodes of its original programming. In short, this service completely owns.

I use HBO Go on my iPad all the time. In fact, it’s probably my favorite app for streaming video, beating out Netflix, Crackle, and all those other pretenders. It offers a large library of excellent movies. It offers every episode of some of the best HBO original shows (Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, etc.). It also offers loads of great HBO Boxing fights. As an HBO mark, I’m thrilled that the service is now available for Xbox 360.

How about you guys and dolls? Are you psyched that HBO Go can be experienced on Xbox 360?

Author: RPadTV