HBO Go Now Available for Xbox 360

Microsoft has rolled out a bunch of new apps for Xbox 360, including one for the outstanding HBO Go service. Available to HBO subcribers, HBO Go allows viewers to stream a ton of movies, television shows, and sports events. In the past, the network has allowed HBO Go users to catch early episodes of its original programming. In short, this service completely owns.

I use HBO Go on my iPad all the time. In fact, it’s probably my favorite app for streaming video, beating out Netflix, Crackle, and all those other pretenders. It offers a large library of excellent movies. It offers every episode of some of the best HBO original shows (Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, etc.). It also offers loads of great HBO Boxing fights. As an HBO mark, I’m thrilled that the service is now available for Xbox 360.

How about you guys and dolls? Are you psyched that HBO Go can be experienced on Xbox 360?

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  1. No because my cable company requires a certain tier to sub to HBO. So this is a big "meh" to me.

    If it were stand alone however I'd check it out.

  2. That's great for people who subscribe to HBO. Sadly, I am not one of them. I am still patiently waiting for the Xfinity app from Comcast to come out. That would really help me out if I can turn my console into another cable box and not have to pay a monthly rental fee for it.

    Knowing Comcast, however, they will find a way to charge for it on a monthly basis by labeling it as an "alternative cable box access fee" or some s^$! like that.


    1. In that case; check out my excited face:


      I'll check it out when I get home tonight.


    2. Last night, I downloaded and installed the Xfinity app on XBL and tried to sign in. Unfortunately, I kept getting error code 808 and I was not able to connect to the service. I even called customer support. They made my unplug my modem and router and then plug it back in to see if that worked. Obviously, it did not. After that, it was a whole lot of silence and "sorry we were not able to help you sir". I thanked the gentleman for his utter uselessness and will try to sign in again when I get home tonight.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem?


  3. If I had Comcast then I might be excited, but they have provided such poor service to me in the past I had to choose DirecTV here instead (which isn't great either). I also don't subscribe to HBO, but would be a lot more tempted to do so if it could be purchased as a standalone service.

    With these new apps being released though the only thing that worries me is system overuse. My xbox is placed carefully in an area that allows it room to breathe, as is my wife's in the other room, but I still worry about it running too hot when I leave it on for 12 hours out of the day and then it gets left on at night to play a dvd of one of my wife's tv shows to go to sleep to.

    That's just a lot of use out of a system and I know I can't be the only one who uses it this much. It's great to play Netflix and dvd's on it, but if I had a separate box or dvd player capable of the same things then that is time that my xbox could be cooling down. Perhaps I'm just worrying about it too much, but I feel it is something that should at least be thought of. It is still an issue that has to be considered when using the system on an extremely regular basis.

      1. True. I think the big clunky machines like that are testaments to how far things have moved since their debut. They look and sound so antiquated :)

    1. We use our PS3 for Netflix, Hulu+ and the like. In truth, part of the reason we do this is because of the heat issues with the 360. The other part is because we don't really play many PS3 games outside of a few good exclusives, so we feel like we need to use it for something.

  4. I'm excited. I've been wanting to check out Game of Thrones for a while now, but never made it past the pilot for one reason or another.

    Also, MLB.TV today, W00T!!

      1. I'm a die-hard Yankees fan. Always have been. I'm not one of those band-wagon jumpers that came along when they started winning in the late 90's. I remember the late 80's early 90's when they were terrible. Steve Sax coming to town was a big deal, Steve Balboni was the DH, Steve Howe kept getting busted for cocaine and resigned anyways, and the outfield was Roberto Kelly, Mel Hall & Jesse Barfield. It was pretty terrible for a while there.

      2. Did you happen to go to Yankee Stadium for Game 6 of the 2003 World Series? I would have loved to have been there with you if you did. It would have been so much fun!



      3. Whoa. I was at that game too! Also caught Cone's perfect game. My friend and I were going to go to the game that eventually became Wells' perfect game, but decided not to because it was Beanie Baby day and and we didn't want to deal with the kids.

      4. That's pretty funny. You never know when you go to a game if you're going to see something special or not.

        The Gooden no-hitter I almost was at by accident. My Dad called me the day of the game and was like, "Hey, I just got four tickets to the Yankees game tonight, are you working or can you go?" I luckily was off. I remember it was really effing cold that night and my Step-Mother started asking if we could leave yet in the 8th inning because she was cold…..and my father, Step-Sister and I all looked at her like, "You're effing kidding, right?" In fact, I think I remember my father (who doesn't curse) actually saying that.

      5. The Gooden no-hitter and Cone's perfect game helped make up for all the Hideki Irabu (RIP) starts I witnessed. My friend and I had a partial season-ticket plan, and Irabu started more than half the games we saw that year.

      6. That is truly unfortunate. I was never so unlucky ion any of the times I made it down to the Bronx for a game. But then again it was a 90 minute drive for me, so I only made it down for a few games a year.

      7. joke — noun \?j?k\

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    1. Seems to be related to iOS. My iPad receives notifications but won't load the huddle. My iPhone will now after the same issue for a week

      1. That doesn't help either. I can view the stream easily however. I will uninstall and reinstall this evening.Maybe a syncing issue between devices? Idk. N8 to my knowledge only has 1 active iOS device.Sent from my iPhone 4

      2. It eventually worked soon after I posted the original thread.

        I think it knew that I was going to shoot a rib at you. See, I said: "My Car got broken into last night." and tokz, Ray, andd BB were like "Damn"… you waited for it to die down and went back to the previous, mid-core gamer topic.

        I was going to say "Damn SG, you've been hanging out with cops too much. I say 'my car got broken into' and you're like 'Uh…Yeah, but what were we talking about before that?".

      3. It was one of those "funny 'cause it's true" things.

        I was working for this one guy and the dude I replaced not only broke in and tampered with stuff, but got a clone of my bosses cell made and sold it to somebody in South America (yet my boss was getting OUTRAGEOUS bills).

        Not only did we have him on multiple cameras, but I had documentation he left behind of the form he faxed in to get the clone of my bosses phone made. Everything was in his writing and the signature was forged.

        The police got there and I had a DVD and full color copies as well as the original forged documents. The cop that showed up was like "Look, today is my last day before I go on vacation so I can't help you guys." and wouldn't even look at the proof.

        Out here, the cops are useless. "Investigation" is like a dirty word to them. My theory is that they don't get paid enough to care… which I understand.

  5. I'll check it out when I get home. I do need to finish watch game of thrones before Monday. Yes I know the premiere is Sunday but it's wrestlemania Sunday!

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