The Worst Thing I’ve Seen at CES 2012

After several press conferences, preview events, and a full day of the expo, I’m pretty sure this is the worst thing I’ll see at CES 2012. You know Jay-Z’s song “99 Problems“? Some company took it upon itself to twist the lyrics to the song into a marketing message. I was talking to my friend from HP when I caught the sign from the corner of my eye. I said, “Does that sign really say that?!?” To which he replied, “No f**king way!” Looking at the sign makes me chuckle (from the utter lameness) and get a headache at the same time.

Author: RPadTV

8 thoughts on “The Worst Thing I’ve Seen at CES 2012”

  1. It's really nothing new. I think I heard a mini Cooper commercial once playing "London Calling" by the Clash. If you lIsten to the lyrics… There's no way that song should be used to pitch anything.

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