Kris Humphries: Homophobe, Idiot, or Both?

This video of Kris Humphries — the most disliked player in the NBA — has been circulating. Some people are using it to fuel their hatred, saying that it shows his homophobic behavior. Others are saying that he’s not really being homophobic; at best he’s being ignorant and at worst he’s being idiotic. Check it out and decide (please)!

I honestly don’t think that Humphries is homophobic. Knowing what I know about reality television, I’m going to guess that a lot of this was an angle “urged” by the show’s staff. At worst, his homophobia is passive, but I’m more inclined to think that it was manufactured by the show’s writers and producers. I definitely agree that he’s ignorant and idiotic.

What’s your take? Is Kris Humphries a homophobe, an idiot, or both?

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6 thoughts on “Kris Humphries: Homophobe, Idiot, or Both?”

  1. Ya know, I was perfectly happy not knowing who this guys was. Of course, I don't watch reality TV and I'm really not feeling the NBA this year, so I could have gone on in my blissful ignorance about this guy's ignorance. Instead, I now see what's not to like.

  2. It's amazing how "reality" shows will cast some off-the-wall comic relief "buddy" and try to make it seem natural. You ever watch that Scott Baio show? There's some totally outrageous friend character who's so bullshit.

      1. Wow. Here I am thinking that me and my wife are the only ones who we know that are addicted to Pawn Stars.

        Heh. We'are actually watching it on TV right now. …. (Seriously- who brings in a Lamborghini to a pawn shop?!) Say what you want about Chum, but the guy really knows his sneakers. My wife and I's jaws dropped when someone brought in a pair of Air Jordans and Rick handed the deal off to Chumlee.


  3. Well, I can't be against anyone speaking their mind, but he just came off as insensitive because you're not just asking someone you really don't know all that well if they are gay or not, but you're asking someone you really don't know all that well if they are gay or not on TV where millions of people can watch. In all honesty, I'd be thinking the same things he is talking about if my wife were to hang out with someone like that, but I wouldn't out-right ask them (especially with TV cameras all over the place). I figure that something like that is personal and you shouldn't put people on the spot.

    Also; could we please stop the gratuitous use of the word "homophobe" or "homophobic?" The word is almost always used incorrectly as it literally means someone who is afraid of or has a fear of same-sexual orientation. As much as I dislike Mr. Humphries, I agree with you (Mr. Padilla) and say that he is not homophobic because if he was, he'd be running and screaming the other way whenever a gay guy gets near him. He actually apologizes and hugs the alleged gay guy at the end of this show, so that's evidence of non-homophobia to me. I'll just go with "insensitive jerk, heel-angle guy who is probably laying it on thick for the sake of ratings."


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