A Very RPad.tv Chick Magnet Christmas

Big thanks to RPadholic N8R¬†for sending in all these fantastic Christmas photos for his RPad.tv¬†magnet. Some of them are pics of the magnet nestled in his Christmas decorations. I love his Simpsons set! Other pics include the magnet in the ring with several WWE Superstars, including my boy Bryan Danielson Daniel Bryan! Check ’em out.

[nggallery id=82]

Author: RPadTV


2 thoughts on “A Very RPad.tv Chick Magnet Christmas”

  1. I scoured my house looking for any Broncos memorabilia to put in the nativity scene to no avail.

    Update: Hearing my son try to cut a Sheamus promo with an Irish accent is the best. I also have to mention that the Sinpsons set is my wife's. I say this… Because if it came down to it, she'd be like "fine, take the kids, the house, and the car… But that's my Simpsons set."

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