What Are You Playing Over Christmas Weekend?

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend with their families whether you’re celebrating a holiday or just hanging out. Since some of you have an extra day off or two, I was wondering what games your were planning to play. A long weekend is a great time clear out your videogame backlog or put some major hours into a lengthy RPG. So how about it?

Atlus was kind enough to send me a code for Trine 2¬†for Xbox 360, so I’m going to give that a whirl. I’m also going to sink some time into Disgaea 4. It’s going to be a weird Christmas for me with my brother in Hawaii and my parents in New York. My love and thoughts will be with them…as I get my game on. Ha!

Now it’s your turn! What’s on your Christmas (or other holiday) weekend?

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      1. I'll take a screenshot for you to post or share. Bear in mind I wanted to be republic, but my friends chose before I could get a say in.Sith Juggernaut (Jedi warrior advanced class)Slave: Twilek female named VetteI choose dark side answers whenever I can and am always a dick to NPCs. Oddly enough I get affection points from Vette every time I give an arrogant answer or am mean to a female NPC.

      2. I really want to play that game. I'm not a big MMO guy, but I loved the KotOR games and Star Wars in general. I'm hoping that it ends up being a X-Mas gift, otherwise it might be a gift to myself shortly thereafter.

        And I agree with Ray's friends. I want to play as the scoundrel.

      3. Waiting a bit won't be so bad. Unlike other MMOs this one assumes you know your way around the genre. So the early stuff isn't as approachable compared to Rift or WoW.There are a lot of tooltip bugs to be ironed out in the updates which will make it easier to build your toon. As it is you can't see most of the stats or changes.Sent from my iPhone 4

      4. Turns out, I found out that I wasn't getting it and traded in 4 games. I ended up getting it for less than $3. I'm playing as a Smuggler. It's fun, though I do feel like I'm kinda teaching myself how to play. It doesn't help that I think that I may not have played an RPG on my PC since Icewind Dale.

  1. Skyrim!!

    Also have been spending a surprising amount of time with WWE '12. For a game with so-so multiplayer (which was effectively broken for the first 2 weeks the game was out) and a horrid RTWM mode, the WWE Universe mode is still a ton of fun. It would be nice however, if one of these years they finally got the clipping and collision detection up to snuff. Just sayin'.

    1. You need to challenge N8 to a wrasslin' match in WWE '12. I hear that the multiplayer is fixed now.


      1. We've played each other before. He's better than I am. My timing on reversals isn't as good as his is. So no challenge necessary. A man should admit when he's over-matched (looks at Big Black).

        Also, "fixed" is a relative term. The servers still don't seem to be either "great" or "reliable," but they do "work" on the most basic of levels…..so there's that. Plus the community in general rivals the CoD community in it's douchiness, which also detracts from the experience.

      2. It's moments like this I wish I could give you 2 thumbs up.

        I guess you could call this 2 thumbs up. It would be 3 thumbs up, but I have to type with at least one of my hands.

  2. Hoping to get some more time with Mass Effect 2, maybe some Battlefield 3 with my friends online, and try out any games I get for Christmas.

  3. I'm not positive. I will hopefully be watching Die Hard sometime tonight, but I will also be playing some Pokemon. I'd like to get something new, but I'm not sure I will (other than any apps I can play on my Kindle Fire once I get it).

    1. Die Hard (the first one) is actually a Christmas classic. All the other ones suck except for the third one.


    1. If you get Uncharted 3, make sure you go into the display menus and switch the aiming to the alternate setting. That's the Uncharted 2 controls. the default are like the Uncharted 1 controls and just don't work very well.

  4. I will play Halo: Reach and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the first time by stealing my brother's shiny new Xbox. Then I will probably play more flash games on the internet and look for stuff on the Fire.

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