Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Finally!) Available on Verizon

After a lengthy wait, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has finally reached America on Verizon. Google’s latest flagship phone, accompanied by the nifty commercial above, is the first Android 4.0 product in America. It’s arguably the most significant upgrade to the platform since Android 2.0. In case you’re not familiar with the Galaxy Nexus’ specs, head here. If you already know the deal, please let me know if you’re thinking about picking one up.

The phone is available at Verizon stores and at for $299.99 with a two-year agreement. The off-contract price is $649.99. currently has a great deal for the phone at $149.99 with a contract.

I should have a review unit shortly. For now, please let me know if you have any questions about the phone and I’ll look into the answers when it arrives.

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3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Finally!) Available on Verizon”

  1. I played with one at Verizon yesterday evening. I'm kind of underwhelmed by it. It felt slow in comparison to the Razr. I'll be interested to compare them again once the Razr has 4.0 since I'm guessing the Razr will be smoother due to lack of HD.

    HD seems so unnecessary on these screens. I'm not willing to sacrifice performance for something like that.

    1. I haven't tried an LTE one yet, but the GSM version felt reasonably snappy. I liked almost everything about, save for the mediocre materials Samsung always uses. The RAZR is amazingly engineered and uses fantastic materials, but some of the design is thoughtless. I understand why it has to have all that bezel space, but I don't like it.

      1. I went and looked at the Nexus again. I'm very underwhelmed and found more things to dislike after thinking about them. The amoled seems to be washed out compared to the Razr and the device just seems all around sluggish. It's like there is a skin on top of honeycomb and they called it 4.0! The device also fetched data slower than a few LTE devices I used. That is disconcerting. I am reading that this is an issue with the LTE model people are finding out.

        It feels so underpowered compared to the GS2. I guess Samsung really hit it out of the park with that model.

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