Are You Ready for the South Park RPG?

Obsidian Entertainment is developing South Park: The Game, an RPG featuring those lovable (and foul-mouthed) kids on Comedy Central. From what I understand, the game is kind of like an M-Rated version of Paper Mario. On paper, this sounds frickin’ brilliant! I like Obsidian a lot. I love South Park and Paper Mario. Put them all together and, in theory, you should end up with an awesome game.

For more info on South Park: The Game, I highly recommend watching Game Informer’s interview with Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart.

Right now I’d love to hear your thoughts on the game. Are you excited for it? Do you dig the idea of the South Park gang in an RPG crafted by a company known for making very good RPGs? What other television characters would like to see in an RPG?

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17 thoughts on “Are You Ready for the South Park RPG?”

  1. I have concerns, that I believe are fair, based on Obsidian's body of work. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was released before it was finished, and thus felt like it had a hard to follow plot that never really went anywhere. Alpha Protocol seemed like it had a lot of potential, but didn't really deliver for me for a number of reasons. Fallout: New Vegas was a glitchy, buggy mess. I'd argue that Dungeon Siege III was their best game in a while, and it was good, not great. I think they usually have some fantastic ideas, such as the factions in Fallout: New Vegas, or the expanded crafting in KotOR II, but they don't always seem to translate into the best execution in my mind.

  2. My wife is going to be all over this. I hope it's good because I fear that she will make me buy it regardless of quality since it has the "South Park" label on it.


  3. I read about this, and I love the idea. This is the first South Park game ever where Tre Parker and Matt Stone are actually writing.

    But… It's turn based, so it's a no go for me.

      1. Yeah, I have no issue with turn based. Sometimes it just works better than the alternatives.

        Take the most recent Final Fantasy games for example. I might have enjoyed either FFXII or FFXIII's battle systems a lot more if they's been more traditionally turn based, rather than the different systems that Square Enix went with in the two games (I get that some people liked those systems, but I did not).

        So I'm interested to see how the system works. If it allows for some tactical thought as opposed the game effectively playing itself, I'm not interested.

      2. I respect your opinions and will therefore not try and sway you by any means.

        Thank you in advance for the mutual respect.

        As for me personally, I'd rather playa different turn based game called "Russian Roulette".

  4. Today I bought my kids a board game called Pop the Pig.

    To my chagrin, it has nothing to shooting cops.

    EDIT: Since this is close to a Coffe Talk, I have a few random rants that it would be my pleasure to discuss/annoy you with if you care to indulge.

    @ Dexter

    If anybody else has been watching this season… I think that this is the best season since the first season. The whole religious aspect of the antagonist is vey well played. Colin Hanks is nailing it now whereas in the first half of the season, he seemed a little off the mark. But… in all fairness, the directors and writers didn't tell him exactly what his role was in an effort to get a more real feeling which worked… but he plays this role MUCH better.

    @ Iceman

    I remember SG asking you once if the weather was always nice in Miami like he sees in Dexter. My question is… has there been some repeat high profile serial killers, one after another for the past 6 years like I've seen on Dexter? And is the homicide department totally having sex with each other? Because either way… that show can't be good for tourism.

    @ Tebow

    What is the inside scoop for his love/hate relationship with announce teams? These guys hated him at the start of the year, and now they're giving him WAY too much credit and even misplacing blame to other players! It's obscene. One example: I saw a few snaps of his this sunday. On one of them,he totally overthrew the receiver. You could tell on the replay because as soon as Tebow launched it, the receiver double timed to catch up, and did a hell of a job. It barely grazed his fingertips and hit the ground…. they pinned the incompletion on the receiver and said verbatim "Tebow threw a perfect pass, but the receiver just let it slip"… BS.

    I think they called it like it was at first, Tebow eventually did some "favors" for Chris Collinsworth, and now he's the replacement Manning.

    @ Christmas miracles.

    Where the hell are they when we need them? My chest hurts from the stress I've been going through this year.

    @ WWE '12

    I've played it quite a bit now. My overall opinion, is that it's definitely a step down from last year (and even the year before), but it still has it's moments. The story is terrible, all bias aside (except for my wrestling fan bias), it sucks. I stated before that I didn't think they were fans and if that's true, then the writers were indeed good writers and it's rather impressive if you think about it. But if they are fans… they are terrible bookers. Worse than WCW Vince Russo, bad. Never really had a clue what was going on.

    The fun is in the Universe and Story Creator. I even noticed last year that there were some people who uploaded damn good stories to keep it fresh. I lose patience fast in making my own and usually just jump back in the Universe to improv my story as I go.

    That's all I can think of right now,

      1. I can't call it the best. Season 1 was the best in my opinion, but I will call this season second place.

        I think they are setting it up so that Deb learns who Dexter really is, and begins to enable him given her position as Lt. Laguerta is gonna ride her ass, some a-holes will slip through the cracks, and Dexter will be the clean up guy through Deb feeding him scumbags.

        Because Deb is a strong female lead, who comes across as an idiot when it comes to this. Considering what we've seen her capable of, she really should have figured it out by now or at least be in denial. Instead, they still have her in the dark, and that doesn't make sense.

    1. @Tebow – I find him far more genuine than the response he's gotten from the media. I also know far too many people who use his success to justify their God, which I find repulsive. I mean, if he's really answering the prayers of millionaires for TD's over the those of sick or hungry kids, then I just don't understand.

      @WWE '12 – It's a minor gripe, but I dislike that I need to keep 15 WWE Superstars on a brand. I like the CaW function, and would be just as happy using those over a bunch of WWE Superstars that, due to the fact I don't watch it anymore, I have no idea who they are. (by comparison, last year you were stuck with 2 official WWE Superstars per show, and could have ALL CaW's if you wanted to).

      1. I haven't even got that far.

        I use the people I don't know or like as jobbers. This year, I have tag-team jobbers.

        I was also thinking about unifying my titles and seeing how that works out. You can have both brands aiming for the same title. I have yet to see if that integrates the brands.

  5. I'm excited to play this game. I love South Park and RPGs. I don't understand why this kind of game didn't happen years ago.

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