Today’s Poll: How Should Toilet Paper Roll?

Super important poll today! How should toilet paper roll? Some folks say over is the way to go. Others are more comfortable with it rolling under. It’s an important lifestyle choice and I’d love to hear how you roll. Kindly vote in today’s poll and explain your decision in the comments section.

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Author: RPadTV

20 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: How Should Toilet Paper Roll?”

  1. Lmfao I love this poll! Under is the way to go and here is why. Imagine a giant roll of paper and you have to cut or rip some of it off with no tools other than yourself. Which way is easiest? The under. Which would allow you to have a better feel for the tear? The under.

    1. Remember back when that one toilet paper company had all the commercials about this very topic? I loved those!

  2. Mr. Padilla;

    I am very concerned about the circumstances of when and how you took that picture.


    1. What I'm concerned about is that there are 16 votes as of now and NOBODY said "don't care".

      This is apparently something people do care about.

      1. I'm right there with you. Turned the corner, went back to work, but the chunks still fly now and again.

        As for the laughing bit… I wasn't even trying. I can't help it, I just speak my mind. My wife will do that to me. She'll be like "stop being so funny"… but then I try to act "serious" and she just looks at me and cracks up because that is apparently even more comical.

        I guess what I'm saying is be thankful you aren't looking at me when you say that.

      2. Aw man, I feel like I'm getting better every day……until I step outside, and then I'm right back to where I started. It's been cold and wet for Arizona for the last few days. I'm talking high 40's every day.

        In fairness to the rest of the world, that doesn't sound so bad. But you have to basically assume there's a 20 degree temperature adjustment for people who live in a place like AZ, where it's 110 degrees every day in the summer, and usually closer to 60 degrees every day in the winter. So 49 for us actually feels like what 29 would feel like to someone on the east coast.

      3. I'm right there with you. I live in the desert too. I live in Victorville which was nothing but Mojave Desert until about 20 years ago. Where you have Saguaro cacti, we have Joshua trees (which are actually more like cacti than trees, I learned this the hard way). It's 50 here right now and I'm shivering in a hoodie and a leather jacket. The dryness makes a HUGE difference.

        I think another big thing is the coats you can and can't buy. Right about now in Pittsburgh, there are aisles and aisles of heavy, heavy, goose feather coats. Here… I still see swimwear. I go to Burlington and the warmest coat I see is one with a zip out lining.

        But… in all fairness, I hated 50 degrees when I was in Pittsburgh too.

      4. Yes, I've also noticed a number of people walking around in sweatshirts or running jackets with this bewildered look like "WTF is this? I can see my breath?" It could hit 30 here and there wouldn't be a parka in a store anywhere.

      5. Also, I had friends and family in places like CT and PA talking about how nice and warm it was while I was freezing my ass off in the effin' desert. Not fair. Not fair at all.

      6. You realize that they are talking about between 50 and 60 degrees, right?

        But yeah. Even on the slopes in the mountains, everybody is wearing windbreakers or fleece.

  3. What I'm seeing in these results is that the physics of it is apparently important. When it's over, gravity does most of the work for you. You just kind of have to lift your arm and let it fall in the right place to get it moving.

    When it's under, it takes a little more finesse. You have to kinda push the top like a DJ scratches a record. But I personally feel it looks better on the spool when nobody's using it.

    So, I guess the argument is practical design vs visual design. Kinda like Feng Shui… but for poo. Feng Shit… if you wil.

    1. Dude… Your mind should have been a level in Psychonauts and that game would have been the greatest of all time.


  4. It's very important that the roll go under. If the roll gets knocked around or spun (especially by kids or pets) then the roll doesn't unravel on to the bathroom floor, it simply keeps spinning around itself. Why not be efficient in the way you place the roll in the first place instead of wishing you weren't cleaning everything up later.

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