Today’s Poll: Candy Apples vs. Caramel Apples

I recently had an argument with a friend over caramel apples vs. candy apples. To me, one is vastly superior to the other. I’m honestly shocked on the rare occasion that I hear someone preferring the lesser snack over the obviously greater one. I chalk it up to bad taste or a defective gene. Just to check myself, I want your opinion on the matter. Kindly vote in today’s poll and back up your choice in the comments section.

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Candy Apples vs. Caramel Apples”

  1. Honestly I don't know the difference, which is a little surprising considering my love of candy and useless knowledge, but I've always thought of candy apples as a cheap knock off of caramel apples.

    1. You have no idea what you're missing! Go to a state fair and try one.

      On second thought; you live in Texas, right? Well, in that case, instead of trying a plain old candy or caramel apple, you should be able to find a deep-fried chocolate whiskey BBQ-habanero dipped candy apple, but instead of an apple, it's a slab of ribeye on a stick.


      1. HAHA. I think it would be a deep-fried chocolate whiskey BBQ-habanero dipped candy slab of ribeye flavored butter on a stick.
        Wanted to go to the State fair this year, but didn't I have been since 1999.

        I have never seen a candied apple for sale anywhere. Caramel apples generally have peanuts on the outside and that grosses me out. I like peanuts just not ON candy (it is fine IN candy)

      2. if you are going to a state fair then you have to get a deep fried snickers bar. those things are phenomenal and are part of my state/county fair diet. also included are lemonade, cotton candy, caramel apples, corn dogs (yes plural) apple fritters, funnel cake, elephant ear, grilled corn, ribs, french fries, corn dogs (yes again), homemade root beer, german roasted almonds, and finished off with fudge. really what else is there to do at a fair? haha, I mostly just eat and like to watch a good demo derby too. the deep fried snickers bars really are the best though.

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