Monday Housekeeping: Caps and Comment Wars!

RPad.TV baseball caps are now available! Right now you can pick them up in four colors. They’re a great way to keep your head cool, hide a bad hair day, and show off your allegiance to If you’re interested in picking one (or more) up, my vendor has a few coupons that are good until September 28, 2012:

Coupon Code: OhYeahHat
Discount: Save $3 off an order with a subtotal of $14.99+

Coupon Code: StevetheMachine
Discount: Free Shipping on Super Saver, Standard, Canadian or International orders with a subtotal of $75+

If you happen to pick one up, please send me a photo of you rocking the cap. I’d love to post it on the site!

In other site news, as an impartial observer I’ve noticed that RPadholics BigBlak and N8R have yet to duke it out in Mortal Kombat. In the immortal words of Hurricane Helms, “What’s up with that?!?” The word on the street is that N8R considered destroying BB’s village like Sato in Karate Kid II. He also thought about interrupting one of BB’s public appearances and calling him out like Clubber Lang in Rocky III. Ultimately, he settled on declaring a comment war!

This week I’d like you to get all Twilight and think about if you’re on Team BigBlak or Team N8R. Support your combatant’s comments by giving ’em a thumbs up. Right now BigBlak has a three-point lead on N8R, but what will the standings be at the end of the week? Like Captain Planet and Don Cheadle always says, “The power is yours!!!”

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28 thoughts on “Monday Housekeeping: Caps and Comment Wars!”

  1. You bess be on Team BB for 4 reasons:

    1. I'M BIG & BLAK
    2. I'm a minority so you'll appear to be less racist
    3. N8Rs a good guy and all but he has threatened me several times as mentioned above by Rpad
    D. As mentioned in reason C N8R strikes fear in the hearts of his followers because of his threats. Would you rather fear your candidate and have him threaten you, or would you like to have respect and freedom from threats?

    Yo that Don Cheadle sketch is so good!

    1. Wait, what? How did you go from "3." to "D?" In point "D", you refer to a "reason C", but there is no "C"

      only Zuul.


  2. 1. You can't say eliminate, inseminate, or PROCRASTINATE… without calling my name.
    2. I may not be a minority, but I'm an Equal Opportunity Ass Whooper.
    3. My mouth may have wrote some checks… but they have yet to bounce.
    4. I know what the the number 4 is and I know how to use it properly. The Human Torch is not a member of the Fantastic D now is he? So… on Big Blak's team, you won't count.

    I had an idea of making a new gamertag named Lil 13lak and video taping myself beating them down on the empty second player in homage to Jericho's feud with Goldberg.

  3. Ok, I was going to stay out of this one, but since I'm now Batman, I've decided to use my superior detective skills (and impartial referee skills by what I hear about the JLA) to logically figure out who would be the better fighter.

    The best way to figure out who is the best is to actually fight each one of them, but since I'm not going to buy this game and since I suck at fighting games in general, that is unlikely to happen. (N8, insert your insult/comment here).

    So, all I have to work with is empirical data in the form of studying and analyzing achievement records. Since I know that neither of you are achievement whores, I rule out the possibility of artificially inflating your gamer scores in MK based on achievement unlocking alone. Therefore, the type and amount of achievements unlocked tell me something about each of you.


    1. Amazingly, both BB and N8 have the same amount of achievements unlocked in Mortal Kombat (22 achievements for 51% unlocked). They both have completed the story mode, have had 10-hit combos, and have spilled 1,000 pints of blood, which all seem to indicate a lot of time and a bit of skill to unlock. Most of the other ones they have in common seem to be easier achievements that seem banal.

      Where they differ is interesting. BB has had a flawless victory in an online match and has completed an arcade ladder (whatever the hell that is) without using block, while N8 has completed the arcade ladder with all fighters. Also, N8 has unlocked all alternate costumes.

      So, based on this impartial and inexact science, I have learned that BB seems to be the deeper fighter while N8 seems to be the more well-rounded fighter with a better sense of fashion.


      1. I'll also have to give N8 additional flair points for his "Muhammad Ali-esque" factor in trash-talking the shit out of BB to hysterical proportions. BB gets points for playing the race card and actually having a life (which I will chalk up to having no kids). This is actually amazing in itself considering that by his age, he should have 7 kids with 8 different women based on statistics alone.


      2. I surveyed the voices in my head and they 4 out of 5 have me pegged as the winner.

        The 5th is Jesus and he only speaks Aramaic so he really doesn't have a say.

      3. An Arcade ladder is the old school way MK did it (without endurance matches though). It's a tower with faces on it. You start at the bottom and work your way up.

        The reason he got that achievement, is because he couldn't find the block button and I've never done a ladder on "very easy".

        The clothes however… make the the man. And if you want to be the man… you gotta beat the man. WOOOOOOOO!

  4. We need some political style ads to assist

    Please look at this clip from Mr Show, its EXACTLY what BB and N8r need to do

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