Today’s Poll: Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set Get?

Despite some questionable changes and one change that should have been made but wasn’t, I’m still keen to pick up the Star Wars┬áBlu-ray compilation. I’m a nerd. Of course I love the original trilogy. I’m even enough of a homer that I enjoy bits and pieces of the new trilogy. I’m totally down to watch all six, spot the changes, whine about them, and enjoy the enhanced visual quality in all its glory.

How about you? Do you plan on picking up the Star Wars┬áBlu-ray compilation? Or has George Lucas offended you for the last time? Kindly take today’s poll and discuss!

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20 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Star Wars Blu-ray Box Set Get?”

  1. I want it but I wont buy it, not until it comes out on SHDPEBRD!

    Super High Definition Plus Extreme Blu Ray Disc

  2. I guess you can chalk me up to one of those people who casually enjoyed Star Wars, but I really don't see what the big fuss is all about. I thought the original three were O.K., until I saw the three prequels. By comparison, Episodes IV, V, and VI are awesome movies. I guess that was George Lucas' plan all along: make people appreciate his original works more than they should by comparing them with three other movies that were even shittier.

    Or maybe it's because I'm more of a Star Trek fan and subconsciously, I can never like Star Wars more than Star Trek (*shrugs*).


    1. -"But I really don't see what the big fuss is all about."-

      Star Wars was released in 1977. Look at what that movie did in 1977 in comparison to every movie that came out in or before 1977. It changed the game forever.

      It also gave birth to ILM (Industrial Light and Magic) without which, the term "special effects" may not exist.

      EDIT: Even if none of that is a big enough deal for you… it inspired Reagan to come up with a lie that ended the Cold War. So I guess you could say a movie brought peace to the 2 largest nations and crippled the USSR's economy.

      1. I would never detract from Lucas' accomplishments on the technological front. No doubt that he created nothing short of a miracle when it came down to special effects and editing. ILM deserves all the credit they are due and more to bring Star Wars to life.

        That said; the movies were still mediocre at best. For me, George Lucas is the pinnacle example of style over substance (Michael Bay has a Ph.D in this department). Without those special effects he created, Star Wars would be ho-hum. It would have been a nice fantasy tale and nothing more. Plot, characters, drama, screenplay, and story were nothing great. What he did really well were the light saber battles, the laser blasts, space explosions (well, not really, since you can't hear any explosions in space), X-Wing/Tie Fighter action sequences, etc., etc. Young people loved it because it was cool and nothing had ever been done like that before. It garnered a following mainly because of the special effects (and how they were used) and not the strength of the actual tale it told (the actual movie).


      2. Case in point: Look at episodes I, II, and III. What George Lucas had in the form of a competitive advantage in the 70's is no longer relevant now as other companies and talent have surpassed or can at least mimic what ILM was capable of doing in the late 90's/early 2000's. Advances in computer hardware and software as well as lots of computer graphics talent leveled the playing field ten years ago. The result was a massive amount of people judging the Star Wars movies based on quality of the overall movie and not just on the special effects (or letting the special effects of the movie cloud their judgment). Had George Lucas came out with Episodes I, II, and III in the late 70's, the reaction would have been the same or similar to episodes IV, V, and VI.


      3. However, if you ask little kids in the late 90’s that have never been exposed to Star Wars before if they liked episodes I, II, and III, they’ll either tell you that it was jaw-droppingly awesome (same reaction you had in the late 70’s/early 80’s to the original movies) or they’ll tell you that it was not that great. The reason they say “it’s not that good” is probably because they’ve seen other movies (like Pixar movies) that have impressive special effects AND a great story, so Star Wars, by comparison, is nothing to wet your pants over.


      4. I was with you until you brought up Empire (Episode V). That movie was written well, and directed even better. Jedi reached out more for the kids. This is where Lucas started to lose it.

        The original Star Wars… you're right. It didn't have that drama arch in the plot that is typically designed to keep the audience interested. At the time, they didn't need it, didn't know that, and stumbled into history in the making. When it was originally released… it wasn't Episode IV, it was Episode I. They redid the opening years later for a rerelease since the prequel books were either in the works or out (I can't recall). That said, they had no idea Star Wars was going to become STAR WARS. Lucas had an idea based off of old serials just set in outer space, the entire Star Wars universe (which is nowhere near as expansive as Trek's) came later after Lucas saw the action figure money.

        All the critics pre-release panned Star Wars for basically the reason you said. In order to critique multiple films, songs, games, or any art style fairly, you have to address the same bulletpoints for all of them. With the bulletpoints in place for what movies were before then, Star Wars was supposed to flop. All the actors were nobodies then. Harrison Ford was a carpenter who hated sci-fi and Carrie Fisher just wrote in her blog how she had no idea what "likeness rights" was and gets pissed at how much money she's out of anytime she see's a Princess Leia Pez dispenser.

        As for the prequels… I think they sucked because he lost track of his roots while trying to revisit them. The directing was terrible first off and the screenplays were more about politics and romance than action. He tried to put NSYNC in Clone Wars! The man was lost by then. More proof being Indiana Jones 4… which Spielberg recently went on record saying he was embarrassed by it.

        As for "Advances in computer hardware and software as well as lots of computer graphics talent leveled the playing field ten years ago."… I digress in certain cases. Mainly horror, sci-fi has benefitted alot, but horror went backwards. Watch "An American Werewolf In London" and then watch the "lycanthropic metamorphosis" scene of any modern werewolf flick (including it's sequel) and tell me if you honestly think anything will every look better than "London" ever again.

        In my opinion, CG blood, gore, fire, and monsters pale in comparison to what can be done with animatronics and getting your hands a little dirty. As for CG space renders as opposed to models and set design (*cough 300*)… I think that since CG is cheaper, the models never got a fair chance to evolve as far as it could have by now.

      5. After reading your entire rebuttal twice, I only have one question for you:

        How the hell were you able to write so much in one post? When I do that, I get a message saying that my post is too long and that I should break it up into multiple posts (which is what I end up doing).


  3. I'm fairly certain that if I don't buy it for myself, I will get this for Christmas.

    ….I do own the Lego Millenium Falcon…..

      1. Funny you should mention that. My gf's best friend likes to go to yard sales every weekend and found it unopened for $10. I haven't opened it yet and don't know if I should. I'd honestly buy a new one and do it.

  4. Probably not.

    I want the original theatrical releases on Blu-Ray (I have it on Super 8), not the versions with Lucas' lame afterthoughts.

    As a musician, I've never recorded a song in a professional environment that I didn't absolutely despise by the time the album came out. The whole process takes all the joy and emotion right out of the song for me. So I can relate to his motivation… but guys like Ray Manzerek don't record new bass tracks on things like the Doors first album for an iTunes for a reason. They made history and broke ground, why would they choose to pervert that feat?

    As a fan, I would be less offended by a Star Wars remake… and that's saying alot since I've expressed my distaste for remakes in the past.

  5. I was tempted to buy it today at BB since i had just picked up gears but i fought the dark side and won. My bday and xmas is right around the corner.

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