Android Jellybean Following Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Back in September 2010, RPadholic bsukenyan correctly predicted that the next version of Google Android would be called Ice Cream Sandwich (well, he was close enough). My guess for the version after that was Jellybean. According to ThisIsMyNext, my guess was right! Check it out:

We’re hearing from a trusted source this afternoon that the next version of Android after Ice Cream Sandwich will be known as “Jelly Bean,” continuing Google’s longstanding tradition of naming Android builds after sweet treats in alphabetical order. What we don’t yet know is the version number — in fact, Google has yet to say what Ice Cream Sandwich’s version number will be, much less Jelly Bean’s.

The site has additional information on Jellybean. If you’re an Android user and/or fan then be prepared for some disappointing news. It looks like Jellybean will pack a lot of features that should have made it to Ice Cream Sandwich. Check out ThisIsMyNext for more details and don’t forget to click on the video above to celebrate Android Jellybean with Shonen Knife’s excellent “Flying Jelly Attack”!


Author: RPadTV

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