Muppets: The Green Album Totally Rocks!

The soundtrack for The Muppets, titled Muppets: The Green Album, looks fantastic! It’s a bunch of contemporary artists doing updated versions of classic Muppets songs. The talent includes Weezer, My Morning Jacket, Brandon Saller (Atreyu), and OK Go. I’m completely psyched that Rachael Yamagata is in the mix too! Her 2004 album Happenstance is one of my favorites of the last decade.

The initial trailer for The Muppets had me looking forward to the movie. The soundtrack just sealed the deal!

If you have a chance, head on over to the track listing page and listen to the samples. Let me know if you’re digging any of the songs on Muppets: The Green Album. Mahna mahna!!!

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8 thoughts on “Muppets: The Green Album Totally Rocks!”

  1. After listening to the samples… I think I like the Airborne Toxic Event song the best.

    I'm kind of a fan of theirs anyway though.

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