Watch Cliffy B Talk Gears of War 3 on Jimmy Fallon!

Here’s a clip of Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski showing off Gears of War 3 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I’m so, so, so jazzed by this clip for several reasons. As some of you know, Cliff and I used to be tight back in the day and I’m so proud of his success. Secondly, my friend Gavin is a producer for Late Night. He’s one of the original G4 peeps and a super-nice guy. I’m proud of his success too.

Anyway, awesome gentlemen aside, the game rocks! Check out Fallon’s reactions as he plays Gears of War 3.

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15 thoughts on “Watch Cliffy B Talk Gears of War 3 on Jimmy Fallon!”

  1. I saw on Cliff's twitter that there was a glitch when the game was demoed, but completely forgot to watch it on tv when it aired. This game is looking much cooler as time goes on, and I'm thinking I might really get into this one more so than the others.

    On another note it's been driving me crazy still being without my laptop and having to get online only every so often on someone else's computer. It's been a rough week or so between that and then the wedding location me and my fiance paid for is basically closing down so we have been under a lot of stress to re-plan everything we had done in a few months just in the past several days. Needless to say it's not been a very fun experience.

  2. I'm getting this game…but I have a few questions so far about choices made for this entry.

    1)Why the sleeveless look? I'm not calling it bad, it's just different than the first 2.

    2)Why are there female Gears? Gears are huge ass ripped guys who fit the mold of what they are. The females make me think of something from Zombie Strippers (i couldn't make it past 10 minutes, it was so bad). I'd hate to be the female Gear in coop is all I'm saying. I wanna be the big ass testosterone overloaded Gear!

    Maybe I'll be proven wrong and they are important. It just seems like diversity for the sake of diversity. At least make them huge dike butch lesbos or something.

      1. @N8

        Times must be HARD if she sought out to do a movie specializing in anal. I've been down on my luck before but I can honestly say I never considered gonzo porn.

      2. She was always down with the rear entry. She talked about that way back when she was in Playboy.

        It may be HARD to believe… but there are alot of girls who are in to it. There is indeed a right and a wrong way to do it from what I understand.

    1. They may be running out of male Gears due to the prolonged war, so the women have to fight too now.

      And if I recall the multiplayer from the last game well enough, there were usually at least 3 Cole-Train's in every 5 player online group anyway, so if you don't want to play as the woman you probably won't have to again.

  3. I was given Gears 2 as a gift a while back. I really liked the art and the story, but the movement just seemed to slow for me. It felt like Marcus Fenix weighed like 700 lbs to me.

    Therefore, I'll most likely pass.

    1. Same here. I played for about an hour and I just couldn't stand how sluggishly they moved. Turned it off for forever.

      1. I heard they sped up the movement/combat due to that very complaint by some people. Hard to tell in that clip though since you are in a Silverback mech suit thing.

      2. I'd have to feel it to be fair… but it didn't look like it from the video at the top.

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