This Week’s Videogame Releases

There’s only one notable game coming out this week, but it’s a huge one — Rockstar Games’ LA Noire. As with most Rockstar titles, this game has been getting a ton of hype. Will it truly be the unique and stellar game some are making out to be? Or will it just be another good game? More importantly, are you buying it this week?

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  1. I just read about LA Noire. It was compared to Phoenix Wright which is awesome, and Heavy Rain…disappointing (to me).

    I think I'll wait for it to hit the cheaper side of the rack or amazon special.

    Also if anyone would be so kind….please post whether or not the game is played like Grand Theft Auto or Grand Theft Auto Horse (hehe).

    1. I too, am curious about this game and would like someone here to post their impressions of the game if they have played it.

      I'll also have to find out if there are any major differences between the PS3 and the 360 version of the game. The last thing I want to do is buy a gimped game.


      1. I just got home from the midnight launch thing and found out one huge difference there…

        The 360 version is 3 discs and the PS3 is only one (have a field day TC and RROD).

      2. I was wondering how many discs it would be on the 360 but that is kind of a cool throw back for me. I think there was a coffee talk about multiple discs or what we missed about old school gaming.

  2. I will have to pass, with me being unemployed and fighting my old company for unemployment, i have to watch my spending. :(

    1. if anyone uses redbox, if you text "deals" to 727272 from now until 5/26 they will send you a discount code ranging from .50 to 1.50. I just scored a 1.50 one so i'll be hunting down LA Noire later.

      Also Amazon has video game gold box deals. Crysis 2 is the all day one for 39.95

      Just missed out on Dead Space 2, that ended at 9a for me, but it was 39.99

      Dragon Age 2 is on right now for 39.95

  3. I figured that most of the hype for this game came about because it was originally announced in 2005.

  4. Okay… I installed it and fell asleep last night.

    I started playing today and here are some initial responses:

    It's a map of L.A. with real street names and stuff… that kicks ass. It also takes place (so far) in the late 40's so the freeway grapevine is still a sparkle in some politician's eye. That's all really cool to me.

    It controls like GTA since it has cars with a few tweaks.

    The targeting seems to be better for one, but It also adds a different element of gameplay with the investigations and the interrogations. How you handle this effects the outcome of the case. This is where I see a comparison to Heavy Rain.

    The graphics are a notch or 5 above GTA's as well. The facial animations look pretty good especially. It definitely looks more real but still has that typical Rockstar video game overtone as well.

    At the moment, it seems fairly linear in the story with the tree branches spreading from what you decide to investigate further. You will find X amount of clues at a scene. You can follow each of those leads and maybe even all of them on your way to getting the bad guy. Some of those branch off even further. So, I would compare this linearity more to Mafia 2, but deeper.

    I never played Phoenix Wright, but I would say that this game is the group sex love child of GTA4, Heavy Rain, Mafia 2, and CSI: World at War (I made up that last game… but it's WWII era crime scene stuff).

    So far, I'm digging it alot.

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