DC Universe Online is Super — Super Untradeable

Gamers hoping to buy a used copy of DC Universe Online (PS3) so that they can’t engage in super heroics (or villainy) for a bargain price are SOL. Gamers that tried DCUO and want to get rid of it will have a difficult time doing so. Lazy Gamer discovered that the game is currently worthless in the used market because the disc and account are tied together. Here’s what the site learned from Sony Online Entertainment:

Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub — only the original consumer can use that acct.

Disk and account are one.

That…kind of sucks. That said, my copy was comped, so I wanted to see how you feel about the matter. Is this practice unfair? Or is it a smart way for publishers to counter used-game sales? Are you less interested in DCUO and supporting SOE because of this practice? I can’t wait to see your comments on this one!


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12 thoughts on “DC Universe Online is Super — Super Untradeable”

      1. @Ray

        No it doesn't because Sony doesn't allow you to play strictly off of the HDD for a disc based game. Makes sense.

        I'm still not buying any of their products for a long time.

      2. What does that have to do with preventing someone from buying a used copy of the game and starting a new account? Or someone buying the game, not liking it, and wanting to trade it in?

      3. Because you buy the account, not the client. It's attached to the disc so be it.

        I'm not saying it's the best way to go mind you but since you can't install and play the client locally on your HDD I see why they do that. It's not a game that can be rented or loaned necessarily.

        Honestly…this happened with FF11 and is constant with any other MMO that I'm aware of. What's the big deal here? It's a diff type of game. Perhaps the penalty for the console version is a bit steep but that would be Sony's fault for not allowing a downloadable version for trial purposes.

  1. i'm little bothered by it but i understand it. I wouldn't mind getting a used copy then shelling out for the monthly plan or get a 10day trial at least but *meh*

    btw i will be getting this today but i won't get online until I finish Batman AA. I'm sooo close and i don't want to bail on it like FF13. I'm just collecting trophies and solving Riddles before i face the Joker for the last time.

    1. I would agree with that. Similar to this in my mind is how other PC based MMO's sell loot online, or even entire characters. You can still start new characters under the same profile right? Just like starting anew.

  2. As a consumer I don't like this practice. On the flip side I totally understand why this is being done.

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