What’s Your Favorite Pixar Movie?

I finally got around to seeing Up…and I loved it. It’s a Pixar movie, duh! My taste in Pixar movies is a little bit different from most of my friends’. I prefer Pete Docter’s stuff over Andrew Stanton’s, for example (Monsters Inc. is so underrated). At the end of the day, my favorite Pixar film is The Incredibles — great storytelling, fantastic emotion, and awesome music by Michael Giacchino. How about you? What’s your favorite Pixar flick?

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21 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Pixar Movie?”

  1. there are so many but i think if i had to choose one to see over and over again, it would be Finding Nemo. My Top 5 would like this:

    Finding Nemo


    Toy Story

    The Incredibles

    Monsters Inc.

      1. Nemo didn't really do anything for me. The kid annoyed me. Ellen annoyed me. The movie does remind me of this fantastic date I went on with a cute little blond producer. We started a bonfire on the beach. She saw some seagulls and shouted, "Mine!" That cemented her specialness for me.

      2. see! even more reason for you to love Nemo!

        i thought Ellen was great as a forgetful Dory. The kid is annoying but i think that was the point. He's a kid and as annoying as they can be you still want the best for them even if the best for them is letting go to let them do things on their own. Well IMO.

      3. Man, I like Finding Nemo too. Actually, I have a hard time not liking anything done by Pixar.

  2. I have to go with The Incredibles also. By far one of my favorite movies. My friends and family say that the dad reminds them of me.

    Ratatouille was very good also.

    I like the Toy Story movies but since the first one I haven't liked them as much.

  3. I liked Monsters, Inc. the most I think. It is always great to watch and I would also agree that it is underrated.

  4. NEMO

    The Story of Toys 1 and 2 (haven't seen 3 yet)

    SHREK (kidding)

    I watched 15 mins of Cars and want my time back

    I really enjoyed the Incredibles I just felt it was 10-15 minutes to long.

    1. I'm not on Facebook, either. Is there any other way you can link the picture through another site?


  5. My favorites are UP, Wall-E, and The Incredibles. I do agree that Finding Nemo was underrated, but I only watched it once, so I may have to go back and watch it again just to be sure. I did like Toy Story as well, but I only watched 1 and 3 in the theaters and I saw the last half of 2 on TV.

    Also, me and the wife really liked "How to Train your Dragon". It's not a Pixar movie, but I Dreamworks has some pretty good ones, too.

    Maybe tomorrow, you can ask: "What's your favorite Dreamworks movie?"


      1. Maybe I should rephrase the question: "What's your favorite movie made by Dreamworks Animation?"

        Gladiator was only distributed by Dreamworks. How to Train your Dragon was actually distributed by Paramount, but made by Dreamworks Animation.


      2. I would have voted for Gladiator also, would I have known enough about who put out that movie. I love that movie and consider it a modern classic. Amazingly enough I have friends who still have not seen it.

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