RPad.tv Invitational: X-Men Arcade

Anyone down for some X-Men on Xbox Live tonight? I can start playing around 5PM PT. I’d love to get some crazy multiplayer going!

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15 thoughts on “RPad.tv Invitational: X-Men Arcade”

  1. I'm in there for about an hour (gotta watch that NBC at 8) and if you guys are still online I will play after.

      1. lol, well since we have a time set (roughly) I will go run my errands now so I should be free this evening for playing this. I was having some trouble with purchasing points for this game, but they finally went through.

        Someone just message me when it’s time to play.

  2. I get off work at 5, and I have to do some Christmas shopping after that.

    If it's still going on when I get home, I'll jump in. I bought it last night and played it with my son.

    That game is really only worth $5. My son and I beat it in like 30 minutes. I have a feeling you will all be bored of it by the time I get home.

    But if you are all still on, definitely invite me to the party when you see me.

  3. I'm in. I bought the game last night, but haven't played it yet. I'll be home around 8 p.m. EST. Also, I would like to propose the rule that the last person that joins us has to be Dazzler. That way, we won't have to force the character on Big Blak arbitrarily… I'm afraid doing that may constitute a hate crime.


    You really should have done your Christmas shopping online. It's so much friggin' better than going to a mall in December.


  4. bah! i can’t today. i dl’d yesterday and i found out that it’s a 6 player online co-op. someone will be the Dazzler no matter what and i’m not it. I’m looking at you Big Blak.

  5. @SlickyFats

    hey my XBL gamertag is bsukenyan5000 if you wanna join us tonight playing X-Men Arcade. just realized you might need to know that if to join us. hope to see you online soon.

  6. that was a fun night of X-Men Arcade! I think I got about 5 solid hours at least of playing. Now we just need to get 6 people playing at once next time we play.

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