Today’s Poll: The Best Lord of the Rings Movie

Right before Thanksgiving, I took advantage of Amazon’s sale on The Lord of the Rings Blu-rays. Yeah, I know I’ll probably buy them again when the extended editions are out, but for $7.99 they were a good deal. Instead of eating yummy food with friends and family on Thanksgiving, I subjected myself to a Lord of the Rings marathon. Naturally, I started thinking about you guys and wanted to see which movie you liked best.

For me, the answer is easy: The Two Towers. The pacing and action just work better for me. The Fellowship of the Ring takes too long to get going and The Return of the King takes too long to end. (Also, it’s hard to watch these movies without thinking of Randall’s NSFW rant in Clerks I’ll post it below.) Now it’s your turn! Kindly vote and discuss.

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: The Best Lord of the Rings Movie”

  1. I like all of them but my least favorite is The Fellowship of the Ring because it is soooo slow. Two Towers is the best of the three however the battles in The Return of the King are truly epic.

  2. I don't remember any of them. I can remember small pieces, but I don't recall if I liked them.

  3. my favorite one is the Two Towers. The action and battle scenes are much better overall in this one.

  4. In a moment of insanity last night, I actually watched all 3 of these in a row. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep.

    1. Ha. I actually watched left the first three Harry Potter movies on as I was cleaning yesterday. Have to make the place presentable for my mom’s visit…even though it will never be clean enough for her standards.

  5. I like all three of them, but the books are better. The two towers was good and really drove along the story. The return of the king had some epic battles and really awesome vistas. But I did really like the first one because it was the start of the journey and you really get a feel for all of the main characters. The books were better though, and I like how they divided the story up better in the books. It bothered me that Shelob didn't appear until the return of the king, and I think it would have worked better in the two towers. There are more things I could pick apart here, but it's been a few years since I read the series. Honestly though, The Hobbit was better than all of them- and I will be pissed if they mess up the movie.

    1. Actually, I find Tolkien fairly unreadable (says a guy who's read 5 of his books). I just don't care for his writing style. I love the stories though.

      1. I agree. His writing style doesn't flow for me. I also couldn't stand all the damn singing.

      2. Also, the Silmarillion just might be the 2nd hardest book to get from front cover to back cover I've ever read. The hardest being Paradise Lost.

      3. @Nightshade

        Try reading Heart of Darkness or The Prince of Nothing. Heart of Darkness being considerably more difficult. The Prince of Nothing was a book about nothing.

  6. i was the only one, apparently, who voted "they all suck"

    i totally concur with the dude in clerks 2 (which ive never seen)

    its all just a bunch of walking–WAY too god damn boring

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