EA Sports Cancels NBA Elite 11

EA Sports: it’s in the game…except, you know, when it’s not. One game EA Sports won’t be in — at least in the near future — is basketball. The company has announced that NBA Elite 11, previously delayed until 2011, is flat-out canceled. According to Gamasutra:

CFO Eric Brown confirmed today on the company’s call to investors that the game is actually canceled, although the publisher doesn’t plan to terminate the franchise.

Instead, it’ll be moving development of the brand from EA Black Box to its Florida-based Tiburon studio, as part of a wider reorganization of some of its key franchises’ development with the aim of cost-efficiency.

While the NBA Elite franchise has hit a major bump in the road, 2K Sports’ NBA 2K11 has the floor to itself and has time to build on its excellent base. Do you think EA Tiburon will be able to whip EA Sports’ basketball efforts into shape? Or is NBA Elite destined to be Scottie Pippen to NBA 2K’s Michael Jordan?


Author: RPadTV


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