Man City Coach Discourages Drinking, Encourages Whoring

Roberto Mancini, the coach of my beloved Manchester City has been trying to get his players to say no to excessive drinking and say yes to womanizing. It’s fascinating advice and I can’t believe he went public with these comments. According to ESPN Mancini said:

I don’t understand why a player must drink after a game. Okay, maybe one drink is okay but three, four, five, six — drinking until they are drunk — this is not good. In Italy the players don’t have this culture to drink after the game. It is so different but I understand it is part of the English culture and it is not easy to change.

It is good for their career not to do this. Okay, they are young now but when you are 28 or 29 you pay the price. It is better they go with a woman than a drink. It is better. That is what I did when I was a player.

He certainly has a point on the drinking, but I find it hilarious and a bit shocking that he’s publicly saying that he’s cool with his players being sluts. I’m pretty sure it’s going to backfire. Watch half the team get debilitating STDs. This will end poorly.


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