Tweetdeck and Skype Available For Android (And I’m Not Happy)

In the past, I wrote about how Skype and Tweetdeck for Android would be perfect for me. Today, Tweetdeck went out of beta and is now available in the Android Market. Recently Skype became available on the Android Market too. I should be overjoyed, no? The problem is, the Android versions of these apps aren’t as good as their iOS equivalents.

I love having custom columns in the desktop and iOS versions of Tweetdeck. Even though I only follow 99 people at a given time, sorting through tweets can be arduous in single-column view. Tweetdeck allows me to divide the people I follow into different categories. Unfortunately, I don’t see away to use my custom columns in the Android version (unless I’m missing something).

Skype is similarly gimped. The Android version doesn’t allow you to make calls over 3G or send international text messages. The latter feature is really important to me. The four major wireless carriers in America grossly overcharge for international texts. Skype’s rates are much more reasonable.

*sigh* Hopefully the features I want will get implemented soon. I was hoping for feature parity between Android and iOS apps, but it looks like the Android versions of several major apps will be two steps behind (like that crappy Def Leppard song).

Author: RPadTV