Tampa Bay Rays Giving Away 20,000 Tickets

Although the Tampa Bay Rays have been playing excellent baseball for years, they still can’t get fans to go to their games. In a curious PR stunt, the team is giving away 20,000 tickets to its Wednesday night game against the Baltimore Orioles. Will they be able to get fans to stick around for the playoffs? I’m not too sure.

On one hand, it’s pathetic that the city hasn’t supported this fine team. There are lots of young and exciting players that are bringing it at a high level. In that respect, the players have a point when complaining about the lack of attendance. On the other hand, the economy blows and the last thing people want to hear is some millionaire athlete whining about how nobody watches him play.

What do you think of the Rays’ situation? Should the denizens of Tampa Bay be paying closer attention?


Author: RPadTV