Fantasy Football Fallout Tuesday!!!

It’s that time of the week again! Here’s some space to talk about the last two days of NFL football and the impact they’ve had on your Rainbow Brite Star League Fantasy Football teams. Have at it boys!

Author: RPadTV

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Fallout Tuesday!!!”

  1. @BB

    Man it was bad…it would have been going the opposite way if I wouldn't have messed up my starters, but there's always another week. I had the 4th and 5th top scorers of this week and they were benched…horrible horrible mistake.

  2. i lost because dustin keller decides to have a monster game! It sucks when you're the highest scoring team in the league but have the most points scored against. My +/- point differential is -21. LAME!

    GO BEARS!!!!

  3. Well, it's official: I suck… well, at least my team does.

    At least I can take comfort in the fact that N8 and Smartguy are even worse off than I am.


  4. @BB: Yeah well, sorry. My RB situation is tenuous at best.

    (what I really mean to say is, it sucks ass)

  5. I was going to pick up a QB on the waiver wire but i have a bye week this week. What a break; i really didn’t want to drop anyone from my team! maybe my fantasy fortunes will turn around after the break.

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