Today’s Poll: Are You Buying Halo Reach This Week?

My friend Ted has been bugging me to add more polls, so take this! Obviously Halo Reach is the big game this week (certainly this month and possibly this year). What I really want to know is…are you gonna go my way? are you buying it this week? Kindly vote and discuss.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Are You Buying Halo Reach This Week?”

  1. Yeah I am still waiting for it to arrive as I type this. I got my hopes up when the FedEx delivery guy showed up…until I remembered it is coming UPS. Hoping it gets here before I have to go to my night class!

    Baby I got to know!

  2. I rented it at lunchtime. After I get out of class tonight I plan on trying it out, even though I should be studying for a Statistics test (I still haven't unwrapped my book).

    But I do plan on buying the Reach console and game when I get some cash.

  3. I thought about buying it on the way home but I realized I have some school things to do that will need some time until Thursday. I will more than likely pick it up Thursday though. I am saddened that the story will disappoint me according to Iceman. I read the novels and liked them immensely, so according to those who know, I won't like the presentation here.


    Stats is easy. No worries. Just remember it is all bullshit and you can spin stats however you need. Also, it's pretty uncommon for a stats professor to not allow textbooks, notes, worksheets, etc for their tests. I have taken 3 stats classes and all allow materials to be used on the test except the internet.

  4. Nah. Never been a Halo Guy. I'll rent it at some point, but I'm not into multiplayer deathmatch type of modes, nor am I in the habit of buying single player games that can be beaten in 6-8 hours. Nothing against anyone else who's jonesin' for it, it's just not my thing.

  5. @Smartguy;

    Just set your expectations low and it will be harder to become disappointed.

    I've only played the first three missions (and the third one is eerily similar to the original Halo's third mission, by the way) and I have to say, it does seem like "more of the same", but it's different. It handles differently than Halo 3 and ODST. Some people may want to re-map the buttons so that it will reflect the older Halo games since more than a few game mechanics have been tweaked. It’s safe to say that if you are not a Halo FPS fan, this game is not going to change your mind and if you do like Halo, you will like this game. I am enjoying it, though. It's like a new model of your current car. Sure it's similar to your old one, but a lot of new features have been added or upgraded. The armor abilities open the game up much better than the equipment in Halo 3. By far the best thing I've noticed is that the enemy A.I. is definitely up to snuff. The Elites are gazelles on steroids. In all fairness, the last time you fought an elite was when Halo 2 came out. They make much better enemies than the brutes, in my opinion. The elites jump, run, charge, scream, dodge and all-around do anything they can to murder you and not get hit. They are much smarter than any enemy A.I. that I can recall. They send out grunts to distract you (including smarter suicide grunts) and then they try to flank you fast. They will not stay still for more than a second (the smarter elites, anyway) and will always run for cover making slower projectile weapons almost useless against them. Oh, and speaking of projectile weapons: There's a plasma grenade bazooka in the game that can lock on. It's F-'n sweet! Also, the original pistol is back, thank god. There is not one-hit (or three-hit) kill like it was in Halo:CE, but other than that, it’s the same. No matter what I’m carrying, I always have the pistol as one of my weapons. It’s like a long-lost girlfriend coming back to you after years of being lost and watered-down. In fact, my first achievement in this game was getting ten pistol kills, HA! I did that within the first five minutes of playing the game.

    Well, anyway, I only got to the third mission last night before I turned it off. I'm probably not going to finish the game the first time around solo. I'll probably wait to get some people together to finish the game. So, if anybody has the game and is up for it, just let me know. Sandrock and I (and hopefully Bsukenyan) are planning on doing the co-op together this weekend if anyone else wants to join in… legendary difficulty only, of course.


  6. @Iceman

    Good to know. Yeah I have to remap the buttons everytime I play an FPS really. I need inverted Y axis and I have to have my melee attack on the right thumbstick as well as the highest sensitivity.

  7. It just got delivered…and now I have to be in my night class for a couple more hours…this sucks right now. Can't wait to go home and set everything up and play a little bit before bed. Work at 4am and a full day of classes tomorrow and work again at 4am. Then right back at it all day Thursday.

  8. Triple-A games like this have so many incentives attached, it's better to pre-order them. And that's what I did — at Best Buy, where they were giving away $20 gift cards. I used the remainder of a Christmas gift card to snag it, and did in-store pick-up.

    I played through Halo 2 and Halo 3 — probably my #1 and 2 most-played online multiplayer games to boot. ODST bored me quickly, and I never got through Halo 1 (though I've been playing it this past week to bone up). My hatred of RTS made Halo Wars a total ignore.

    I'd really like to find someone to play Reach's campaign with over online co-op. Have yet to do that in the series.

  9. @Justin

    I should be joining Iceman and Sandrock this weekend to play through the Reach campaign, so we should have room for a fourth if you would like to join us.

    Halo Wars wasn't too bad of a game, but I also like RTS's, and playing that game made me want to play a more complex RTS again.

  10. I almost voted that Halo is overrated but it is a great series just not my cup of tea. I will eventually play the single player component but I'm in no rush.

    @ Iceman

    I like that synopsis now I know I can wait to play it.

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