Dragon Age: Origins “Witch Hunt” Character Reveal–Ariane

BioWare has revealed information on Ariane, one of three new characters in the upcoming “Witch Hunt” DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. Here’s the official word on this Dalish warrior princess:

Ariane is a gifted Dalish warrior, and her clan’s best hunter. When an ancient artifact belonging to the clan’s Keeper is stolen, one with a history tied to the very roots of the elven people, Ariane is charged with the task of reclaiming it. She is determined to carry out her solemn duty, and when her task turns out to intersect with the Warden’s quest to find Morrigan she realizes that there may be far more to the artifact’s disappearance than simple theft.

Hopefully she’s not an angry Dalish woman like Velanna from Awakening. I’m totally over Dalish people whining about the slavery, being ousted from their lands, etc. I’m pretty sure there are better ways to deal with persecution than becoming a nomadic people that wear funky facial tattoos…but that’s just conjecture.


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