CamiKitten’s Chick Magnet Meets Pikachu and a Chocobo

The excellent CamiKitten sent in this excellent picture of her chick magnet being snuggled by a white mage chocobo being snuggled by Pikachu. It’s like a turducken of cuteness! I completely love this photo. It combines so many of my favorite things — Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and interacting with y’all on this site! Thanks Cami!!!

Author: RPadTV


6 thoughts on “CamiKitten’s Chick Magnet Meets Pikachu and a Chocobo”

  1. Wow this is literally the cutest pic I've seen in a while, definitely has a woman's touch and that isn't a bad thing. Great pic Cami!

  2. i WAS gonna go on a GTA style hooker murdering spree, but after that…i just cant

    you saved a lot of lives today cami

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