HTC Glacier (Project Emerald) Benchmarks Totally Rock

The fine fellows at Android Community got their hands on benchmark results for the upcoming HTC Glacier, which is rumored to be the dual-core Snapdragon phone that’s behind T-Mobile’s Project Emerald. The results are frickin’ awesome. Check it out:

The Glacier managed to pull 1432 frames in the GLBenchmark Pro ES 1.1 CPU Skinning test consistently. While the Droid X reached 856 frames, the EVO managed 516 frames, and the G1 pulled a parsley 113 frames. While the iPhone 4 did 1016 frames. Shockingly enough, or perhaps not at all, the Vibrant reached 1409 frames. So, with those numbers, especially against the 1GHz Snapdragon processor in the EVO, the tipster believes that the 1432 frames (versus 516) means that the Glacier could very well be the dual-core monstrosity that we’ve all been waiting for.

I’m sold! Hmmm…the Samsung Vibrant posted some pretty stout numbers too — too bad I want a front-facing camera and LED flash. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, let me know if you’re interested in the HTC Glacier. A dual-core Snapdragon phone running Google Android with HTC Sense sounds brilliant to me. Et vous?


Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “HTC Glacier (Project Emerald) Benchmarks Totally Rock”

  1. I am very interested in this for my gf. is this the phone what is going to be unveiled in september? or november?

  2. @rpad

    are there any specs on the september phone or do you know when those specs will come out so i can compare the two with her or for her, rather.

  3. @rpad

    hmmmmm, well she's rocking a mytouch w/out keyboard. i guess we'll see what she says in September, if she doesn't like it then most likely htc glacier it is. Thank you very much sir.

  4. See they should just put out a dual core hummingbird and then there would be no decision to make. I love how fast my Captivate is. I watched several video before purchasing of the Captivate beating out the G1 running Froyo and the iPhone 4 (mostly on wed based stuff)

  5. I hope the glacier is bigger than 3.7. After playing with a Droud X and EVO anything smaller just won't cut it. I like my iPhone 4 but I want a bigger screen. Almost bought the Vibrant (TMo Galaxy) but have hesitated until hspa + is in the area.

  6. @Ray

    Yeah, it seems that a 4 inch screen is the new default for a powerful android device. I'd hope so anyway.

    I will be so tempted if the + is up and running in my area when this debuts. Supposedly it will be here before Christmas. Charter is providing the bandwidth for TMo.

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