What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m going to be spending more time with the “Leliana’s Song” DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. I’ve beaten it thrice already and want to play around with the dialog choices. This is my favorite post-launch DLC by far. The storytelling and voice acting are top notch. It’s just great stuff.

I’m also going to hop back into LEGO Harry Potter. I’ve enjoyed the game so far, but its lack of violence makes me wish for a T-rated Harry Potter game. It would be awesome to bust out an “avada kedavra” and being T-rated means Hermione could show some skin.

Anyway, let me know what’s on your weekend playlist when you have a moment.

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47 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. I'll be playing Prey L4Ds,and SCC, I might go and pick up another cheap used game for shits and giggle.

    Anyone have anything in mind?

  2. I plan on playing some PlanetMinGolf and I just got Fat Roles.

    But I still have Singularity and Crackdown 2 rented so those will be in there

  3. (cont from post #1)

    New or Used preferably used lol. I'm looking for high replay value as well.

  4. I'll be working on my review for a certain football game that comes out next week….

    And playing Mass Effect 2 when I need a break.

  5. Um I'm tanking ICC this weekend in WoW and then I'm gonna play more coop gears 2. Pretty fun.

  6. i think i'm going to dl Fat Princess this weekend with the expansions. Since they added the two player option, maybe my gf and i will get our play on with that one. I'll try to finish up SMG2, before borrowing FF13 from a friend.

  7. @BB

    Have you played EDF 2017? That is pretty dang fun and with 72 or 73 level each with 5 levels of difficulty and something like 300 weapons, I played that none stop and its gotta be cheap now.

  8. I also got disk #2 of Neon Genesis Evangelion from Netflix so I'm gonna veg out (kick, kick, pass) and enjoy some classic Anime.

  9. @Tokz

    The 2 player of Fat Princess was the reason I bought Fat Roles this morning. It is was only a 100Kb download after having the full game. I'll be able to test it out when I get home today.

  10. @slicky

    kool. Maybe we can play sometime. the game is $14.99 and the expansion is 9.99 or 4.99?

  11. @BB

    Oh heck no. It is a 3rd person shooting game. You are defending the Earth from Giant Ants, Spiders & Robots. It has up to 4 player Co-Op (same console co-op). The final weapon you get is just retarded fun.

    This video has a bit of everything

  12. @Tokz

    Its 4.99 for the expansion (3.99 if you have PS+) I don't recall the price of the game

  13. @BB

    Yeah it is super cheap. It keeps track of how long you have played and at last check I had 147+ hours. Blowing up buildings is a blast (pun intended), It was a pretty overlooked game with the quietest release ever, but it is hours and hours of mindless, senseless destruction and fun.

  14. @slicky

    checked on amazon it's 14.99. I wish i coule purchase it online and have it download so when i get home it's done! Is fat roles the only expansion for fat princess??

  15. @tokz

    Yep. It added Ninjas and Pirates and……(well something else but know idea) and it added 2 player.

    When I first started playing Fat Princess I immediately thought, this needs 2 people. I didn't like the online play much because of the retards intentionally losing the games.

  16. @RROD

    Don't do what I did with Dead Space and buy the other suits and guns from the PSN. They are not worth it in the slightest

  17. Hopefully I can beat Fight Night round 3. I got stuck on trying to beat my rival for the third time and he is way quicker and is landing punches with more damage, but I don't wanna just take the loss and move on. Still working towards my 100 matches in Battlefield 1943.

    Then Rainbow Six Vegas. And if I can beat that then I might start MW2. Still need to beat Bioshock though, I just don't want to play it. Oh and both L4D's too.

  18. I'm not going to be playing anything for a while.

    Here's what happened…

    Over the past few days, I have been calling in to about 15 different Gamestops around my area to see if they have any new Xbox 360's (slim?). These people are a bunch of liars, by the way. I have a couple of stores saying that they have just one spare (since the rest go to the people that reserved one… which I didn't- stupid me) and they proceed to tell me to be there first thing in the morning so that I can claim the spare console. Last night, after playing Ballad of Gay Tony, I disconnected one of my two old 20GB 360's and packed it into a box and put it in my car for the $100 trade in offer. I wake up early the next day and go to the stores I called the night before and wouldn't you know it, they don't have any. This happened in two different stores where they told me they did have one the night before.

    Anyway, one guy tells me to call (or come back) at about 11:30, since that is when they receive their shipments and he could have a spare one. I go back to work, wait until 11:30 and call. Luckily, they did have a spare and told me to get down to the store right away. I leave work in the middle of the work day, skipping lunch, and haul ass down to the Game stop 8 miles away. I get there, probably injuring some pedestrians on the way, and take my old xbox out of the car and into the store. The guy recognizes me and says that he has the new 360. Great! I unpack my old 360 and he proceeds to plug it into his test screen to see if it works. He plugs everything in, turns on the power and BAM! Red ring of death.

    The blood drains from my head and I put my face into my hands about to cry. I start thinking, "what was it?" Was it the heat in my car? Was it my reckless driving? Or was it something I did to piss off god? Needless to say that the clerk wouldn't take a RROD 360, so I either had to fork over all the cash (which I am dangerously short on) and have three Xbox 360's or run home and get my spare and bring it back. Guess which one I did. Yes, the guy said he'll hold it for me until I get back, so I drive even more recklessly trying to get home, which is about 20 miles away from this store. Meanwhile, people from work are calling me, wondering where the hell I am. I tell them "car trouble" since it was my car that troubled the 360 I had in it. I'm going an average of 90mph and honking and cutting off all of the elderly people on the freeway going 45mph in the left lane. I get home, chuck the RROD Xbox on the bed, take my spare 360, pack it in coffin it came back to me in (complete with the foam inserts) since I smartly decided to keep it when they shipped a refurbished one back to me months ago and left driving very carefully back to the store. I turned the AC full blast, avoided the potholes, and waved at the angry drivers speeding by me on the expressway as I cruised 45mph in the left-hand lane.

    I get to the store about 40 minutes later and give the clerk my other 360. He proceeds to plug everything in and my blood pressure shoots up about 20 points. He turns it on and no RROD… but his test screen is black and not getting a signal from the Xbox. Not good. He checks the wires, the connections, and the input channel and everything is fine. WTF?! I then tell the guy: "Dude! Flip the switch on the A/V cables from HD to SD." Dumbass. Ok, that worked. Eureka! I get the credit, I get the new Xbox and I'm on my way back to the office, sans lunch. When I finally get back to the office, I go to put the receipt in my wallet and out pops a $25 Gamestop gift card I got for Christmas that I had forgotten about. F#*@! Whatever. It could have been worse.

    Oh wait. It’s worse. I can't swap out my profile and all of my saved game data from my old HDD to my new 250GB HDD since they are different sizes. I also can't transfer the data from one Xbox to the other since my old one is now RRODead. So…. I have to send out for the coffin, AGAIN, which will take about a week or so to get here. Then I have to send it to Microsoft and it'll probably be two to four weeks until I get it back. Meanwhile, I have a brand-spanking new 360 just sitting there that I can either create a new profile and start a game anew, or wait until I get my other 360 back from Microsoft… or sell my new one on eBay and try to recoup the money (and then some) and buy another one later when they become more widely available (and my RROD one comes back, hopefully).

    Well, time to start dusting off the ol' Wii and PS2. What the hell, I've been meaning to get around to playing Final Fantasy 9, 10 and 12 anyway.

    F-U, Microsoft.


  19. @ Iceman

    Wow dude that is pretty pooey on an epic level. Great writing, I was hook and totally saw myself mentally as I "avoided the potholes, and waved at the angry drivers speeding by me on the expressway as I cruised 45mph in the left-hand lane." Lol.

  20. @Iceman

    that is one of the many reasons why I hate the system that MS uses for leasing you your profile and data. goodluck though.

  21. @Iceman

    That was a real page turner. Normally, I don't read posts that long but I couldn't stop reading. You should really look into doing some writing. I was completely engaged in your story. Eh-hem, back to reality now. That sucks dude. Situations like that is what turned me into………..DU DU DUUUUUUN……….RedRingOfDeath.

  22. @ Iceman

    What about a transfer kit? MS should send you one for free. If not, I have one I'll send you if it will work.

    Call MS about a transfer kit. If they won't send you a free one, send me an email (address is linked on the "About" page) and I'll send you mine. Either way, it will take far less time then waiting for the RROD madness.

  23. @Iceman

    That's too bad. If I could get enough money around before that deal runs out I would love to get one the 360 slims, but I never would have thought about needing an old 360 to transfer all the saves. What you could try is to do a quick fix for the RROD and then use a formatted USB drive to transfer all of that stuff. Good luck with everything though!

  24. @ N8R & Iceman

    They charge you $15 for it. It used to be free, I called when I got my Elite because a friend of mine told me they send them out for free, but the representative told me they now cost $15 so I told him what was on my mind, even though he had nothing to do with that decision.

  25. @BB

    For some reason, that comment makes me want to listen to "The Next Episode"

  26. Thanks for the comments and sympathy, guys.


    Yeah, I used to do some writing for the school/campus newspaper back when I was in high school and college. I actually made it all the way to editor-in-chief. I was actually thinking about going into journalism, but then I slowly discovered the dark side of journalism and said, "Screw it." I'd like to do gaming journalism, but Mr. Padilla alredy talked about what is wrong with that field as well. I should think he has a point.

    I feel the pain with the Xbox. Your alias is well deserved. If this happens to me again, I may have to change from "Iceman" to "RROD 2"… actually, "RROD 5" would be more appropriate.

    @ N8;

    I thought about the transfer kit already, but how does it work? I thought you could only use them once and with the old HDDs. I don't know if it will work with the new sized 250GB HDD. If it will, great; that's what I'll do, but I guess I'm going to have to call Microsoft and get the (possibly not) definitive answer from some guy in India who likes to read text off a screen.


  27. @ Iceman

    It's a special cable and a disc. As for only working once, I think you can only transfer your content once. The kit is surely still usable after that.

    The cable is a special cable. On one side of it is a proprietary clip that clips on to the old HDD. The other side is USB. You have the new HDD in the deck and the old one attached to the proprietary side of the cable with the other end of the cable in the USB port. You put the disc in the tray, start it, and it pretty much does the work for you.

    I'm certain you can use the kit more than once, maybe just not transfer the same content again… and it wipes the original HDD clean. I also don't see why it wouldn't work with the new HDD's.

    And then… if you know anyone who's willing to bring thier 360 to your house, there's the USB storage option. Get a thumbdrive that will work, and transfer it piece by piece.

  28. @BB

    Nice! I'm thinking about reactivating my Netflix account so that I can watch the new remakes they're making. (1080p Blu-Ray versions would be nice if I had Blu-Ray)

  29. @ Sandrock

    Do you mean the movies or are they/when did they, bring(ing) it back?

  30. @ Slicky

    Wow this game is like crack (EDF 2017)! It is exactly what you said it is and I'm loving it.

  31. @Sandrock

    Is Blacklight: Tango Down a fps? I don't really know anything about it but am a little curious about it if it is.

  32. @ N8 and Bsukenyan;

    Thanks for the offer of the transfer cable, but the video game gods has smiled upon me today. I tried one of the "quick fixes" that Bsukenyan was talking about (thanks for that, BTW) and I managed to get the RROD to go away (for now). I quickly moved everything I could to a 16gb flash drive and I'm going to attempt to hook up my new one tonight or tomorrow. I think my old one might have overheated from staying in my car for too long. Still, when someone gets the RROD once, it's only a matter of time before it comes back permanently.

    This is something I know for a fact.


  33. @Iceman

    Glad it worked out. I have heard of a few odd quick fixes sometimes that can help out when people need to transfer stuff off of a hard drive. I saw someone put their mac in a freezer to keep it cool while they transferred everything to an external once. So I know with a little inventiveness you can get things to work again, for a short period at least.

  34. @All

    Anyone here played Rainbow Six Vegas? I'm getting slaughtered in Hell's Gate. All the video's I've seen that claim to be on realistic difficulty definitely are not, because the things they do don't work on realistic, only normal.

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