Coffee Talk #173: Do You Finish Your Games?

My friend Ted pretty much plays anything he gets his hands on. Sure, he loves his “gamer” games, but he’s my only friend that has played Dora the Explorer, those crap Burger King titles for Xbox 360, and dozens of casual iPhone/iPad games. I’m positive that he’s started more games than anyone else I know.

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, Lindsey Lohan heading to the slammer, Vinnie Del Negro coaching the Clippers (or really, someone actually wanting to go there), or your final LeBron James prediction, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

My friend Ted pretty much plays anything he gets his hands on. Sure, he loves his “gamer” games, but he’s my only friend that has played Dora the Explorer, those crap Burger King titles for Xbox 360, and dozens of casual iPhone/iPad games. I’m positive that he’s started more games than anyone else I know.

That said, he doesn’t finish most games he plays. I would be genuinely shocked if he finished more than a dozen games in the last decade. Keep in mind that he’s worked as a videogame journalist, a game evaluator, and a designer since I’ve known him, so he’s had access to a ton of stuff (which makes his love of those Burger King games even more perplexing).

What are you gaming habits like? Do you finish most of the games you play? Or are you a chronic dabbler like Ted? Estimate your “batting average” when it comes to beating the games you buy/rent and leave it in the comments section (please).

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  1. I try to finish every game that I have. I feel that games today are much easier to finish, however, with the addition of achievements and trophies it is much harder to complete a game. If we then shift the question to "do you complete any games?" I would only have one and that game would be the Doritos Dino Dash game, yes I know, hella lame.

  2. I do try and finish every game I pick up. I have yet to play past the first hour of Alan Wake though. Unless the game is buggy (Darksiders) I typically do finish it though.

    One day…I will finish World of Warcraft.

  3. yeah im like big blak, i try to finish my games too, if i get bored, i give up a little too easily though…i still havent beat mgs4

  4. I am definitely a dabbler. It has been a while since I have finished a game. I believe the last few games I finished were Uncharted 2, inFAMOUS & R&C A Crack in Time (oddly all exclusives)

    I want to finish Singularity but I don't know if I will have the TIME too. (lol) But I really do want to, I like the story and it feels a bit like BioShock.

    I got Crackdown 2 last night and already I seriously doubt I will finish it. It has already gotten repetitive and boring. I nearly maxed out my agility and strength last night in no time. The freaks are stupid easy to kill, 1 punch.

  5. I also try to finish games as i get them but it's hard when games come out so frequently like the past 4 or 5 months. you or i get so backlogged so i just finish them as soon as i can. I play my backlog games a lot when there are dry weeks or months.


    She was due. you could only avoid jail so much before you end up there, ask O.J. 90 days is a cake walk though, she'll be fine and probably only serve like 10 days like Paris did. Was it Paris? ah who really cares.


    He was a good coach in Chicago. He didn't deserve to take the fall for the Bulls not making it to the 2nd round. Come on they faced LBJ and the Bulls are mediocre compared to LBJ. He coached them to 2 playoff appearances back to back that's a good track record for me.


    He will go with the Knicks now what Amare is there and Wade/Bosh are in Miami. I told everyone that LeBron will not be a Bull or Wade. They were just being aholes and playing with them.

  6. my current collection of games is about 50, of which I haven't finished about 6 games:

    Call of Duty, WAW (treyarch sucks)

    inFAMOUS (got almost to the end but just lost interest, I should finish it)

    Little Big Planet (I don't know how many people have actually finished it, but I got bored)

    Just Cause 2 (terrible game)

    Dead Space (I'd like to finish this one, but I've got to put it back in my rotation)

    MGS4 – I've beaten only 1 MGS game but I've played most for a short time. I think I played about 2 levels

    Mostly I don't finish a game out of boredom or hate for it. If I like a game I will take the time to finish it. If I love a game I'll go nuts on Trophies and Achievements.

  7. I try to finish most of the games I buy. However, if something's not holding my interest I'm not going to torture myself. This is the advantage of having a Gamefly account. If I start something and I find that either it's broken or it's not holding my interest I can just send it back and get something else.

    The exception being if I'm reviewing something. Then I will play as much of it as I can in a reasonable amount of time to be able to give it a fair review. That doesn't mean I have to finish it, but I have to play enough of it to give it a fair shake.

  8. @ Tokz

    I haven't followed the free agency to closely, but is it really looking like LBJ is headed to the Knickerbockers?

  9. @Shockwave

    I finished LBP and just needed to get perfect on the last level for the trophy, but I never did try it again.

    inFAMOUS is worth finishing. I don't remember the ending to DeadSpace being anything special.

    I finished 1 MGS game and that was the first one.

  10. @Big Blak

    I don't see him staying in Cleveland or going anywhere else. If Boozer signs with the Bulls maybe they have a better chance than Cleveland but the Knicks have a decent compliment player to LBJ in Amare.

  11. I have 33 games and I've ended all of them except GTA4 and because I lost interest in it and got really bored with it. In fact, I've ended most of my games multiple times. I've been gaming long enough to know what games will interest me and what game are worth a purchase for me. I don't rent and I don't have a gamefly account because if it's not worth a purchase then it's really not worth my time to play. I don't play mediocre games.


    Lohan will only do about 4 or 5 hours of that time.

  12. @LBJ

    King James will have a better chance to win a ring with the Hawks than with the Knicks, even with Amare there.

  13. @NXT

    I'm loving "Showtime" Percy Watson. Alex Riley cut the best promo by far but no one can match the charisma and entertainment value of "Showtime" Percy Watson. YEAH BABY!!!

  14. @NBA: It's no shock Amar'e went to the Knicks. He doesn't like to rebound or defend (read as "he doesn't like to work"), so he'll fit right back in with the D'antoni system. Add to that the fact that he can't create his own offense without a distributor and at most he adds 5 wins to the Knicks record next year if they don't get him some more help.

  15. @Lebron

    This guy has such an ego. I saw that he is having a 1 hour special on where he's signing. Can the Knicks actually afford him still? I guess he will fit in in NY. Media market wise. Eli's exposure should shrink lol.


    I don't rent either. I just buy.

  16. @smartguy

    i blame ESPN for allowing him to have this special to begin with.

  17. @ SG and Tokz

    He has to do something major since he hasn't won a title yet lol.

  18. @Big Blak

    I hope he's having this big press conference just to announce he's staying in Cleveland. Oh and it will be even funnier if he cries during the speech too.

  19. @Big Blak

    it would indeed. i want some type of entertainment out of this 1 hour production for such an egomaniac.

  20. I refuse to watch it. I could see if this was Kobe Bryant (5 championship guy) but not Lebron. I wonder if he will just say it at the beginning and then talk about it for an hour or make you watch his highlights for close to an hour then say it? I genuinely hope he flops wherever he goes now.

  21. LOL @ Tokz. I've been saying that LBJ is the Brett Favre of this year.

    @ topic;

    My initial response was "Hell yeah I finish all my games. I like to get my money's worth out of all of them", but then I realized that I did not finish Panzer Dragon Orta for the original Xbox as well as Hitman (one of them) for the PS2, and Hudson's Adventure Island for the SNES, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! for the NES, Castlequest for the NES and probably a handful of older games I played when I was a kid. Back then, however, some games were damn near impossible to beat. When you hit a wall, you really hit a wall. Nowadays, AAA games seem easier to beat (like Big Blak said). I think that the adjustable difficulty levels contribute to this in part. Yes, there are exceptions, but overall, it is a lot easier to beat a modern game than it is to beat a 22-year-old NES game. That said, I've beaten all of my Xbox 360 games with the exception of that one Burger King game (the bumper car one). God, that was horrible. I did, however, beat "Sneak King."

    @ RROD;

    I know that GTA IV gets boring (especially around the mid-point of the game), but the last few missions really drive the story home and the conclusions are memorable. Trust me, I had the same problem with GTA: San Andreas. The game started out great, but then it got lost somewhere in the middle (Area 51, jetpacks, WTF?!), but then the story went back to the 'hood and the end was great. I just wish Rockstar didn't add so much garbage in between. The same thing goes for GTA IV. If you can somehow find a way to muddle through the boring middle missions, the conclusions to the main story arcs are worth getting to, in my opinion. The endings are some of the better ones out of all the single-player games I've ever played.


  22. @smartguy

    oh i'm not going to watch it anyways, either. As a matter of fact i think i'm going to boycott ESPN on Thursday and just wait for someone to tweet about it or text me about it. I hope he flops wherever he goes too. (yes, i'm saying this even if he decides to go to the Bulls because i know he's not coming to Chicago.)

  23. On top of being utterly sick of LeBron talk, we now get a one hour special?!? I;m not sure which is worse, the fact that they're doing this, or that they may be giving Brett Favre ideas on how to piss me off later this summer.

  24. At least Favre has won a championship. It would still suck to high heaven, but his creds are better lol.

    I wonder if the talking head that ESPN has chose to do this special feels like a douche or is honored?

  25. ^^ in no way or form was I advocating one would be better than the other lol.

  26. Everyone come back to this site, as i will make an announcement of what i had for lunch at 3p ET/2p CT .

  27. @ SG

    LMAO! I would say douche. LBJ has nothing other than some MVP awards and a huge ego and contract to match, (Why) WTF should anyone feel privileged lol?

  28. I'm pretty meticulous. If I start anything (other things as well as video games), it bugs me to leave it unfinished.

    I'm not an achievement whore though. Collection goals I'll allow myself to slack on, but as for main story… I get it done 9 out 10 times.

  29. @ SG (cont)

    Hell I would rather see Nate Robinson have a special, after all he is like 5 something and he has 3 dunk contests under his belt. HELL EVEN JORDAN DID THE DUNK CONTEST!!!

    Why not LBJ, because he can't handle a loss and that is why I truly think he hasn't done the dunk contest yet.

  30. I think one on one dunk contests should be a weekly event, as well as home run derbies.

  31. @n8r

    They should have a dunk contest/home run derby instead of overtime or extra innings. j/k

  32. Thank you very much for your patience. After thinking about it and contrary to what you may have heard i did not go with cereal for lunch. There are many options for me to choose from burger king, wendy's, popeyes and several small places to choose from. When it comes down to it i had to think… What would be good for tokz? What would feed the hunger inside of you during this hot humid day? After careful deliberation *sniff* *sniff* i decided…. *tear* i decided….. I decided to have 10 piece nuggets w/bbq sauce from McDonalds.

  33. @smartguy

    i hope so. i really wanted to get a quarter pounder w/cheese no onions but i wanted to run later on after work since i hadn't ran for a week now. I hate having a big meal before i run, it makes me heavier.

  34. @Tokz

    NP. I was shocked you didn't opt for Honey Mustard. It's a super win combination. Opting out of the usual quarter pounder is what we expected all along.


    You use Verizon now lol?

  35. @Smartguy

    actually nuggets are my go to meal at McDs. I don't like the taste of honey mustard. I like using the hot sauce for the chicken tenders but some McDs let me do it and some dont. I think Ray is just being a vagabond with his cell phone service.

  36. @Topic

    I like to finish most of my games, like Big Blak pointed out earlier, there is now a difference between beating them and completing them as far as achievements go. I like to at least beat the games that I play (with the exception of Prince of Persia, I find the game so awful I don't wanna finish it right now) and I have completed 9 games total so far. I am about to complete Prey, Battlefield 1943, Uno, Fight Night Round 3, Tinker, and Madden 08. I could also complete Peggle and Braid if I really put a lot of time into them, but clearing all the boards 100% will be a little hard in Peggle and beating Braid in under 45 minutes was not even close for me the last few times I tried.


    I for one hope he does well wherever he is at next. He might not have a ring yet, but that does not mean he is not talented and is more ego than anything else. He has a lot of talent that has unfortunately not been able to be enough usually due to the team, not his personal ability.

    @Big Blak

    Isn't he doing the dunk contest the next time it comes around?

  37. @ Tokz;

    Damn! I put money on you going to BK, since their corporate headquarters are down here in Miami and our community could use your money. Unfortunately, I lost the office pool bet.

    Our next office bet is on what grade Smartguy's girlfriend will get on her test and the other one is a wager on what date Bsukenyan's wedding day will be on.


  38. @iceman

    man! you guys to seem to know me pretty well. I would go to BK but it's a little far and it's just too humid outside. Also, i'm boycotting the king because of their Twilight promotion.

  39. @Big Blak

    Gotcha, I couldn't remember when I heard him talking about that. I would love to see him in the dunk contest though, personally I think he would do awesome. Of course I also got to see clips of him windmill back in high school when he was still just local and not on the national radar so much- so I think it would be cool to see him do some of that stuff again.

  40. I tend to finish most games I play. Problem is, I won't always finish them before I start another game and even take breaks from games that are giving me trouble. I'd say I perpetually stay at ~75% completion ratio do to this.

  41. @ LBJ

    While sources close to James insist his heart is in Cleveland and remaining with the Cavaliers was his preferred choice, they say he had concerns about signing a six-year deal there and ending up "31 years old, with bad knees and no title."

    The Ocho

  42. @Big Blak

    Who's the source on the "Ocho"?? is it Cotton McKnight?? or Pepper Brooks?

  43. @Crackdown 2

    Last night I got Crackdown 2 to slow to a glitchy ass crawl. I was running through some grass and wanted to look up and the camera dipped into the grass and then the Frame Rate nearly stopped. It seemed like it took forever for it to respond to me trying to get out of the grass, but as soon as I did the game returned to normal.

  44. @ Tokz

    Ummmm…ummmm…ummmmm…ok so I lied, it was from the regular Da Na Na, Da Na Na.

  45. @Big Blak

    Booooooooooo for using the "Ocho's" name in vain.

    Everyone keep an eye out for one of my posts at 805 ET/705 CT/505 PT i will announce for what team LBJ will be playing basketball.

  46. @Big Blak

    it's okay. i forgive you but i'm not sure if the "Ocho" will.

    Damn it! The moles are out in full force on Team Tokz. They almost gave away what i ate for lunch and now are ruining my LBJ announcement.

  47. @ Tokz




  48. @Big Blak

    haha. I really hope LBJ cries/sobs/breaks down like Chris Brown during his press conference. I want him to feel like such a dick for holding the town of Cleveland hostage. It's like idk if i'm going to come back to the team close to my hometown, i have to see what's out there and make my decision on Monday. Monday comes and he's like you know what i need to milk this even more, i'll write a letter to ESPN and ask them if i can hold a press conference on Thursday about my decision to not come back to Cleveland. Oh and i'll donate a portion of what ESPN pays me to the boys & girls club so no one will think i'm a dick.

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