Looks Like Hulu Plus for PS3 Will Require PlayStation Plus

This will probably piss some of you off (though it shouldn’t surprise any of you), but it looks like the PlayStation 3 version Hulu Plus will require PlayStation Plus. Yesterday a few of you were annoyed that the Xbox 360 version will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription. It looks like it’s the same deal on both sides of the console fence.

Technologizer did some excellent snooping and found some text hidden on the Hulu Plus web site that shows up in Google searches. The text states:

The instructions below will help you install Hulu Plus on your PS3. You must be a subscriber of the PlayStation Plus Network.

Does this change the value of Hulu Plus and/or PlayStation Plus for you?

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9 thoughts on “Looks Like Hulu Plus for PS3 Will Require PlayStation Plus”

  1. no, i'm still interested in Playstation + but not for Hulu +. it's a ripoff. I can just connect my laptop to my tv if i ever wanted to watch hulu or hulu plus or any other streaming service. I can afford to pay cable/internet so i'm happy where i am.

  2. This kind of all goes back to what Tokz and I were talking about earlier. Hulu seems like an inferior feature compared to Netflix, which as far as I know is still available on PSN, meaning you would be paying PSN + for an inferior feature in comparison to what they already provide for free (in a straight comparison of PSN + and XBL gold with the intent of instant media viewing). In my mind that still just screams that they either need to make Hulu available on PSN and Netflix available on PSN + or just switch them both to PSN + which is what I would assume will happen over some period of time.

  3. @bsukenyan I wouldn't say it's inferior. They're different. Netflix is more focused on movies and has the larger movie catalog. Hulu is focused on television and has the broader selection of shows.

  4. @Ray

    I guess Hulu doesn't matter as much to me because I have never really been able to watch the couple of shows I will watch on occasion through their service. Maybe they are there somewhere and I just didn't find them, but mostly everything that I watch I can find on Netflix (tv shows included) so Hulu really doesn't have any sway over me. Netflix does, though. So in my opinion if they moved Netflix to PSN + and made Hulu something that anyone could access through PSN then it would seem like Netflix would be a better incentive for me to upgrade to PSN +.

  5. Just like I've always said about MS charging for free access of services, I'll say the same about Sony if this is true. I'm shocked that Sony would do this. The access to HULU should be free for everyone on PSN. I did buy PS+ yesterday, with the free Wipeout HD($20 value) alone it paid for itself but I'm still not interested in HULU on consoles.

  6. @Hulu 4 PS3

    Since I had Playstation on the line about Qore I asked about Hulu Plus. If it was extra or free with PS+, here's their reply:

    "Hello Jason,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has not released any details concerning the development for Hulu referenced in your email. SCEA and its affiliated companies are regularly engaged in extensive research and development in many areas of the computer entertainment industry. Hence, we cannot comment on future PlayStation(R) developments, projects, or products. We appreciate your enthusiasm and continued interest in our products and hope you understand our position. You may however, visit our website at http://www.us.playstation.com and http://www.blog.us.playstation.com to view our current press releases and future updates.


    Richard K."

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