Does Chrome OS Have a Future?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Google’s Chrome OS lately. In 2009 it seemed like a great idea — a free OS that would allow manufacturers to offer cheap and capable netbooks (and allow Google to serve even more advertisements). Then a funny thing happened — the Apple iPad. A lot of vendors are cooling on the netbook market and focusing their efforts on tablets. As it stands now, Google’s Android mobile operating system is a better choice for tablets than Chrome OS.

GigaOm’s excellent Om Malik wrote an editorial about the situation. He suggested that Google ought to dump Chrome OS and focus entirely on Android. He makes a compelling argument, but I’m not completely convinced (yet). While tablets are the new “it” thing, there will always be a place for netbooks. Even though Windows 7 is better suited for netbooks than Windows Vista, it’s still too hefty for the relatively weak processors currently available. Chrome OS combined with the Chrome Store has the potential to excel on modest hardware in a way that Windows 7 can’t.

All of that said, I’m not sure if Google can pull it off. My question for you is this: does Chrome OS have a future?

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7 thoughts on “Does Chrome OS Have a Future?”

  1. I don't see why Chrome OS wouldn't work in a tablet form. With all the experience with touch interfaces they have gained form Android, you would think making Chrome OS with touch support would be simple task. Chrome OS seems more suitable for a tablet anyway in that is will feel more like your PC at home and less like a large smartphone. I'd need a reason not touch related as to why Android would be better.

  2. @Sandrock323 It could work for a tablet, but it would require a lot of work. It was made with netbooks in mind and would have to be optimized for touch. I don't think it's a simple task to make it an elegant experience on touch. Google certainly has the money and resources to throw at it and products aren't do until late Q3.

    Obviously touch is the main reason it would be better since Android was designed with that in mind. It also has a healthy and rapidly growing development community.

  3. Personally, I love my Mac and my iPhone… but I'm not sold on the tablet thing yet. I assume alot of people that are also of my state of mind and other (looking at you Sandrock), are also not sold on the tablet idea yet as well.

    So, does it have a future…. maybe. I don't know. Price point for the hardware will be key.

  4. Linux has never taken off in the personal computer market…I don't see Chrome OS being the success where Linux hasn't been. I'm sure they will do better, but I think the internet needs to evolve more before an OS where everything is done in a browser will be seen as viable.

  5. @ Sandrock

    I have no use for a tablet. The one thing I find tempting about Chrome OS is that (if the parental controls are on point) it may be an awesome way to introduce my kids to computers with little risk.

    The iPad would introduce them to a big iPod Touch (and my son wants an iPod Touch badly). The benefit with a Touch as opposed to an iPad is that it will fit in your pocket.

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