Wipeout, Star Strike, and Mr. Pain Going 3D on PlayStation 3

Wipeout HD, Star Strike HD, and Mr. Pain will be getting downloaded patches on June 10 that allow the games to be experienced in stereoscopic 3D. As of this writing, the download date has only been confirmed for Japan. Andriasang has the skinny:

The three lucky first recipients of 3D support will be Wipeout HD, Star Strike HD and Mr. Pain. Current owners will be able to update Wipeout and Star Strike to 3D support for free. Mr. Pain will require a separate ¥300 purchase to unlock a 3D mode.

Those who haven’t purchased the games yet will of course still be able to buy them, with pricing set at the current ¥1,800 for Wipeout HD and ¥800 for for Star Strike. Mr. Pain will be available for ¥1,000, but even new purchasers will have to spend ¥300 extra to get the 3D mode.

It will be interesting to see how well these downloads perform. It’s a real chicken-and-egg scenario here (Aristotle was right, btw). There aren’t many gamers that can experience 3D on PS3, but until there are enough compelling titles available there’s no incentive to upgrade.


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7 thoughts on “Wipeout, Star Strike, and Mr. Pain Going 3D on PlayStation 3”

  1. As expected I'll be looking forward to these. I have been loving Batman AA in 3D.

  2. This brings up a question…..why would you have to buy a 3D TV if you can get 3D without one? Either way you are wearing glasses.

  3. @smartguy

    i think it's because the consumers such as myself have an issue with the red/blue or red/purple or whatever else color combination those 3-d viewers come in. Some people get headaches and some eyes never adjust no matter how long you have those glasses on. I also believe that the HD feed would appear more sharper with those black polarized viewers as well. Lastly, they want to make more money off the consumer because they should just make those viewers available with the dvd/blu-rays already. Unless there's a different way that it is projected in the multi-colored viewers to the way it is projected in the black polarized viewers.

  4. I hear that the Polarized glasses are much better than the Steroscopic ones. Less eye strain and way less blurring. I haven't ever used the Polarized ones though. Best Buy has a display set up but I refuse to use the display glasses unless I have disinfectant wipes with me,

  5. I used the display at bestbuy and yeah it was 3D but it felt so gimmicky. Monsters vs Aliens was the flavor.

    As far as wearing glasses I think it's just a matter of preference. The $200 model pair was tinted like a pair of shades and really took away from the display. I don't think I will jump on the bandwagon and pay a premium for 30 year old tech until I can do it w/o glasses. I guess that really is my problem with a 3k tv and $200 a pop for glasses. Sony is gonna patch games and you can just use glasses with your existing set.

  6. The polarized is WAY better, no question.

    @ Smartguy

    That was probably because Monsters vs Aliens is the only 3D DVD available right now.

  7. @N8R

    yes I know. Polarized is better I agree, but not for the premium involved. I'll take my free patch and cheapie glasses to use a gimmick right now.

    I'm anxious to see the 3DS.

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