Amazon Kindle Coming to Target on Sunday

Target has announced that it will be selling Amazon Kindle e-readers starting Sunday, April 25. The device was previously available as an online exclusive. According to the company’s press release:

As the first brick-and-mortar retailer to carry Amazon’s Kindle, Target will make Kindle available at its flagship downtown Minneapolis store and 102 south Florida stores beginning April 25, rolling out to more Target stores later this year.

This could be potentially huge for Amazon. There are some people that just don’t like buying consumer electronics without trying them first. There are also some people that don’t understand the benefits of e-ink displays. Getting in a major chain like Target should provide a great sales boost for the Kindle.

Do you think the Kindle will do well at Target? Or do you think Amazon is getting desperate in reaction to the iPad’s initial (and impressive) sales? Also, I love my Kindle!

Author: RPadTV

One thought on “Amazon Kindle Coming to Target on Sunday”

  1. I think Target getting the Kindle is a little bit of a response to the ipad…When else will most people get a chance to really see first hand what the kindle can offer without purchasing it? I know when it comes to a target around me I will go check it out. Also, I'm not positive right now on the exact connection but I know that Amazon and Target and linked somehow. One of them owns the other or something along those lines.

    With the ipad people can go to a best buy, fry's, apple store, etc. in order to play with the ipad…now the kindle just has the same chance. Which I might add the sony reader also has store space to play with, which I see as a more direct competitor to the Kindle.

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