Coffee Talk #112: When Do You Play Online Multiplayer Games?

When do you play online multiplayer games? My friend asked me this the other week and I replied, “Whenever I feel like it.” He continued to ask me questions and we discovered that my initial response wasn’t true. There are a number of factors that go into when I play multiplayer games and today I wanted to see if you have similar considerations.

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When do you play online multiplayer games? My friend asked me this the other week and I replied, “Whenever I feel like it.” He continued to ask me questions and we discovered that my initial response wasn’t true. There are a number of factors that go into when I play multiplayer games and today I wanted to see if you have similar considerations.

For example, I hate playing with mouthy 13-year olds. There are several nights when TV comes before gaming (WWE Raw, American Idol, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.). With all of that in mind, I tend to play online multiplayer games past 10PM. My favorite shows are over and the children are in bed for school.

Do you player online whenever the mood strikes? Or do you have certain conditions that impact when you play?

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  1. I normally play online when I see certain friends are online playing. I like playing with my friends online. If your schedule permits, the daytime is good for avoiding mouthy kids too as they are in school still.

  2. I play whenever I want the multiplayer achievements. I'm such a whore.

    Also, when someone asks me or invites me to play with them, I usually accept the invite. Aside from that, I prefer the single player game or co-op rather than the multiplayer part. After all, I play games to GET AWAY from people, not interact with them.


  3. I only play online on the weekends after a heavy night of drinking, because lord knows I won't be getting any actual work done when I feel like poo. So generally I am online all day Saturday. That really is about the only time I play online. If I don't go out the night before I am up and out of the house early.

  4. ill say it here too

    happy birthday sandrock!!

    @off topic

    finished god of war 2 yesterday, wow…that is a ps2 game? Truly one of the best games ive ever played. Cant wait to start of GOW3 tonight!!

    @on topic

    i play when the family is asleep, i tend to yell at the all the campers on mw2..i hate people who take shortcuts.

    i dont use commando, akimbo weapons, lightweight, grenade launchers, thermal scopes, heartbeat sensors and i dont camp

    this must be why my k/d ratio is only 1.30 as opposed to 1.65 on the old game

  5. Happy Birthday Sandrock!!

    @Topic: Personally, I'm not a big fan of online multiplayer. I prefer single player or co-op. I'll spend some time in multiplayer if I'm doing a review of that particular game though.

  6. @thundercracker

    You're not the only one who's seen his k/d ratio go down since MW2 came out. playing battlefield bad company 2 on the Ps3 has made me enjoy FPS shooters again. I heard that Guerrilla Studios will probably reveal Killzone 3 at E3. I can't wait to see if it's true.


    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Sandrock!!!

    @ Topic

    One of the biggest reasons why I don't own any COD game is because of the unsupervised brats on that game. I do the L4Ds and Borderlands online (where you at N8R?), but I'm usually in a party chat playing a single player game.

    @ RPAD

    Just wanted to ask you before anything but how would you feel if I promoted this site at PAX East? I'm thinking of a plain white tee with RPAD.TV on it. How would you feel about that sir? I won't misrepresent you man, I just want to spread the word/love.

  8. @topic

    With friends. If a friend gets on while I'm playing a single player game, I usually save and switch over to what ever game their playing. I do play some online by myself sometimes, but ~90% of the time it's with friends. Also, I second the Bad Co 2 making me enjoy shooters again comment.

    @Ray, thundercracker, Nightshade386, Arguello

    Thank you very much kind Sirs!

  9. @Big Blak That would be frickin' awesome! I'm so bummed that I can't make PAX East. My contract work was supposed to keep me away, but I finished sooner than anticipated. Gah!!!

    Send a photo of you in the shirt and I'll post it on the site! Mega bonus points if you send a photo of Ashley wearing an baby-t!

  10. @Sandrock – Happy Birthday! March is a good month, Mine is a week from today.

    @topic – Generally I avoid online play, sometimes I'll do it when a game is new just to get some extra kicks out of it, but I find multiplayer fun pretty fleeting for most games.

  11. @Big Blak Really? If anything, I appreciate your effort. I don't have the dough for real marketing things (like t-shirts), but hopefully I will one day.

    That reminds me, I still have some magnets. I want to send some to you and Thundercracker and anyone else that doesn't have one yet.

  12. @ RPAD

    Sounds great man, I will send you my address before the day is done. I is very excite, yes!

  13. @Ray

    I never did get either of those magnets at either address I gave you. Its cool though I just thought I let you know since you brought them up.

  14. @Ray

    No it okay I'd hate for you to waste them, unless they have made it back to you.

  15. @rpad

    believe it or not, i never got to win a magnet but i would appreciate one. Maybe i will trade it for a pic of someone wearing it at the Anime Central Convention in Rosemont in May. I don't think you would enjoy a pic of me wearing but if i can convince some hot cosplay girls to wear at least one shirt or hold up a sign would that do?

  16. @SlickyFats I'll give it another shot. None of the others I sent were returned to me, even though my addy is on the envelope too. Very strange. USPS is the most trusted government organization, after all.

    @tokz_21 Go ahead and shoot me your address too.

  17. @Ray

    I'll leave it up to you. I would like to have one but not at the expense of other not getting one.

  18. @rpad

    Will do. You should have a slogan or a catchphrase. verbally entertaining you since Oct 2009. *lame* i know but it's the best i could think of right now.

  19. @ray

    I love the little pokes you added over at N4G. I couldn't resist adding my own thoughts.


    somebody got an xbox elite today…….

    but that person recieved it as a gift…so SUCK IT MICROSOFT!!

    i saw that power brick and said to myself "you gotta be kidding me"

  21. @ Thundercracker

    Send me a friend request:

    A Judas Rimmer

    We're playing Uno on Thursday.

  22. @ Thundercracker;

    Send me a friend request on XBL as well: Silicon Iceman

    I’ll add you to the list of people who are in need of a beating at UNO.

    BTW, I enjoyed God of War 1 far more than its sequel. The first game had what I would call the most memorable (and absolutely kick-ass) climax of any game I've ever played. GoW2, on the other hand, was kind of just more of the same leading up to a cliff-hanger ending that I hated. I hate all cliffhangers, especially when I like the game and the continuation is YEARS later. The other thing I disliked about GoW2 was the whole "time-travel" plot. It didn't really seem to feel right in the series until you realize the twist after the game with the Titans. I have yet to play GoW3, but I have a feeling it will be satisfactorily epic (as everyone seems to agree) and hopefully tie up all those nagging loose ends from GoW2. Please, no spoilarz.

    @ Nightshade;

    That was a great review. I was hoping you'd get that off your chest considering that you've been playing that game for days on end. Back to Dragon Age?


  23. @ N8R

    Tis all well my good man. I'm something of a musician myself, I do a lot of beat programing and some production, what do you do? Also this guy has Uno not trying to impede just throwing it out there.

    @ Slogan

    RPAD dot TV, It Just Is (in a matter of fact tone).

    @ Nightshade

    I'm about to read it cant wait.

  24. @ Big Blak

    Be on Thursday evening. R Pad hasn't set the time yet, but I'm sure you wanna see Iceman on the receiving end of several haduken cards.

  25. did some posts get erased?

    well, anywho….yeah i have no reason to get xbl right now, so you guys can keep your uno and your dignity…i might start doing individual shoutouts like old school pro wrestling

  26. @Big Blak: Depending how on fast you both play, you might wanna wait till he hits disc 3 before you start so that you don't catch up with him. You spend about the same amount of time on disc 3 as you do discs 1 & 2 combined.

  27. I tend to play multiplayer when I don’t have shows to watch or games to finish, which I don’t have te luxury to do right now but if someone keeps bugging me to play then I’ll play but no more than an hour and it has to before any show or sporting event begins.

  28. I have only been playing BFBC 2 online and my k/d ratio blows. I have been letting a friend come over and play during Spring Break and 2 maps in a row he had over 30 deaths and less than 3 kills (generally he gets none).

    You are going to love GOW3. 2 was only a good game by comparison. They ramped everything way up.

  29. @ RPAD

    Man I will do that as far as Ashley goes you’ll have a better chance at that shes in L.A right now. Dude I totally thought you were going to be like hell no lol.

  30. @ topic

    Most of the time, that’s all I play.

    @ Big Blak

    Mt weekend got tied up pretty fast. I’m actually doing 2 music projects right now. I did get on a bit though and I saw you watching Netflix.

    @ slogan

    “All your base are belong to RPad,tv”

  31. It’s usually when I my fiance is not around, and I have a couple games built up to play online. Pretty soon I will probably go back and play DiRT, GTA4, Wolfenstein, Uno, Peggle, and Guitar Hero all online. I will wait and buy a month of XBL and play all of those games online until I’ve gotten the achievements I want. Overall the only slightly decent games for online multiplayer are fps’s, and Wolfenstein is the only one I am really looking forward to right now.

  32. @Ray & Slicky,. Yeah I had to go on back and poke the fire a little bit myself earlier. I still think that the writing when they actually quotes your article was the worst crap job editing I’ve ever seen.

  33. @ray

    yeah dude, sorry i totally forgot to send you my address, ill get on it

  34. @Iceman: Yeah, back to Dragon Age, with a little of the upcoming Mass Effect 2 DLC mixed in. And then, when I finally get all that RPG goodness out of my system, on to God of War 3.

    65 hours t o beat FFXIII. Ironically, the best part about having the 360 version is that my wife started the game on her 360 as soon as I moved on to disc 2.

    @Big Blak: Enjoy!

  35. @Ray: While I completely understand the idea of an “Approval Process” over at N4G, I am not nearly patient enough to put up with it. I sit there staring at my screen yelling, “What’s wrong with you! Approve my post already!” after roughly 2 minutes. lol.

  36. @ Nightshade

    That review had everything I wanted to know about FFXIII and I will not be buying it. However, I will be playing my brothers copy as soon as he gets on the 2nd disk.

  37. @ Big Blak

    Sorry, I didn't answer this earlier:

    I play bass professionally. Or at least that's what has been my steadiest work flow in the field of music. I learned to play guitar like 11 years ago just to help my bass playing (and it did by 1000% easy) but don't really do much with it. I've been on the other side of the mixer quite a bit as well though. Studio work tends to stress me out a bit more, but usually has a better pay off.

    I crave the stage however. I'd so much rather have one shot to make or break myself than to have a million chances to get it perfect. I thrive under pressure, always have.

  38. @bsukenyan

    i have never liked replying to ads without them even mentioning that compensation is DOE at the minimum. I'm too valuable to work for free.

  39. Speaking of multiplayer games, does MMO's count? And speaking of MMO's….I reactivated FFXI Online for shits and giggles since they're getting ready for the lvl cap raise from 75 to 99. Holy crap, there goes my life.

  40. @Smartguy

    I did notice the lack of payment and wasn't too fond about that. But I was at least still interested in checking everything out. Since I would be going there all the way from Indy, compensation would be a must; however, the chance to have an internship at a company I would love to work at is an opportunity to jump on to at least see if I can do it, etc.

  41. @Smartguy

    I am still hoping that there would be some sort of compensation, but so far I haven't even looked for unpaid internships that are only 45 minutes away. Unpaid is definitely not my preferred way of doing things, I don't think it is right for companies to get all the work of an intern done without paying them for anything. That Joker quote is a good one, I always liked that part of the movie.

  42. @bsukenyan

    I just look at it like this: 18 hour school schedule, approximately 12 hours per week doing various studying and projects, working to pay bills…that leaves me with exactly no time to do work for someone without a paycheck involved.

  43. @Smartguy

    yeah it is costly to work for free, especially when school projects are in full swing as they are for me now.

  44. @bsukenyan
    companies that won’t offer compensation to an intern is very telling of how they treat fulltimers. I wouldn’t work anywhere for free no matter whatmy goals were. I’ve invested to much time and money for that.

    “If you are good at something, never do it for free”

    psychotic but quite right.

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