Xbox 360 “Slim” On the Way?

Here’s a hot rumor for you…or perhaps I should say a cool and small rumor — it looks like the Xbox 360 is getting the “slim” treatment. A9VG has posted a photo of what appears to be a newly designed Xbox 360 board that uses new chips and an updated design. Here’s what Kotaku had to say about the board:

The pic above shows the board in question, with the chip part of a rumoured redesign for the Xbox 360 console, testing of which has recently been completed in China. This isn’t simply a new board for the existing hardware, either; it’s reportedly a total redesign of the console. Think the PS3 Slim, only…for an Xbox 360.

My Xbox 360 Elite has been going strong for a little over a year after being replaced once. However, I’m always interested in newer models that use less power and up the reliability. It’s easy to sell a console for a good price on eBay, so making a switch isn’t a big deal to me.

How about you ladies and gents? Would you be interested in a slimmed down Xbox 360?

Source via Kotaku

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  1. interesting, we've been meaning to get a second console, I'd bite on this depending on how the HDD works. If my old HDD isn't compatible I'll be none too thrilled. but if they get rid of the proprietary crap than I'm on board

  2. I would definitely be interested in this. Slimmer is always better to me. I learned that with the PS3 glitch earlier this month. I'm glad smartguy talked me out of getting the FF13 360 version.

  3. A slim version really doesn't interest me too much, less power used and more efficient, etc…that interests me, but I like the size of my 360 now the way it is. I guess if i get a third console though I might have to think about this a little bit.

  4. Would the HDD change in size??

    Why doesn't MS sell a damn xfer kit on a store shelf much less for order only?

  5. @iceman

    have you heard of their solution currently? You have to call them and ask for a xfer kit. It used to be free to those who bought a 120g system to replace the 20g. The xfer kit isn't sold in a store or online.


    exactly. It would have to be on top…which could potentially remove the slimness of the machine.

  6. That pic looks wrong for some reason. I want to say it's photoshopped. The proc that say Microsoft on it has a clear shiny base?

    [Not a photoshop expert]

  7. I would really hate for MS to lose its crown for the biggest heaviest console (when you include the giant power brick).

    But honestly I need a new 360. Mine doesn't even have an HDMI port. But I would guess my hard drive won't fit on the Xbox Slim60 so they will sell me a transfer kit. At least if I get a new PS3 its just a matter of pulling and putting hdds.

  8. Oops Iceman already stated the hdd thing.

    @Harddrive transfer

    Friend of mine had Halo edition 360 crater but he bought Best Buy warranty and they transferred his data there at the store. Btw not all stuff is transferable. He lost all add-on content and had to redownload.

  9. @SlickyFats

    You can not change/swap the HDDs in your PS3 and keep your data. The PS3 reformats all new HDDs regardless of whether they came from another PS3 or not. The loop hole is their back up feature. That will let you "restore" the data to the new HDD.

  10. @Sandrock

    Yes you can keep you data when changing or swapping the HDD. The PS3 has a built in back up utility feature or you could transfer you data to an external HDD or and USB thumbstick before swapping.

  11. @ MS HDD Transfer Kit

    I got one for free by calling MS. I just upgraded my HDD to a 60GB, called MS, and they had one to me in 3 days. I still have it. I was thinking about selling it on ebay, but I figured I could do more good with it just letting people I know borrow it.

  12. @Sandrock

    Oops, you kinda said what I said. I missed that last part. Disregard my last comment. Sorry.

  13. @ #16 continued

    You do have to redownload the rights to all your DLC again however, but that doesn't take half as long as the actual transfer. That could take a few hours.

  14. @sandrock

    Most of those amazon ads aren't the whole kit. I looked into it around Christmas. Some were just a disc. MS doesn't sell it though that I know of.

  15. I think Shockwave has a good point. The proprietary HDDs would prevent the Xbox getting any smaller.

  16. @ RROD

    Not necessarily. It's gonna be hard for me to describe this without drawing it, but I'll try.

    Lets say the whole thing is as tall if not a a half inch taller than the thickness of the HDD and about as wide as the height of the current HDD. The whole thing could just clip on the back on top of the Xbox sort of like an extension if you have it lying down flat.

    I don't know how that comes across through the internetz, but needless to say the HDD would definitely have to be in a different position than it currently is.

  17. @ Smartguy

    That's not what I meant, like I said, hard to describe without drawing it.

    Lets say you took the HDD out of your current 360 and laid it down long ways across the top of you current console (assuming you have it laying down and not standing up). Like that.

    I'll whip up a diagram of what I mean.

  18. If this slim Xbox is real and has a price cut (and more reliable) then I may consider buying one.

  19. @Iceman

    I said if it's more reliable.


    Yeah, I said it. If it drops to $149 I just may bite, and if Alan Wake is good. Still waiting of Killer Instinct 3, I don't know what they're waiting on.

  20. @ Iceman

    That mock-up literally took me 10 minutes. I even left out some things it would have to have on the front like the USB ports an the sync button. The memory cards could possibly plug in to the side.

    @ RROD

    KI3 would have to be seriously revamped to hang with today's standards. However, Perfect Dark is available via download.

    I fear that Alan Wake will be ridiculously short.

  21. @Shockwave562 That would be a pretty large departure. I’d love for Microsoft to get rid of the overprice proprietary drives, but I’m not confident that it will happen. The company appears to be making good money off of hard drive upgrades.

  22. @N8R

    Good diagram. I was thinking much the same way, but with the HDD sticking up a bit. I also think the slim model would have to incorporate a slot loader.

    I fear that Alan Wake will suffer from the T rating. I don't think T is a good rating for a game that is supposed to be "scary".


    That little son of a……


    I would jump on KI3. I'm not much of a fighting game fan anymore, but I'd def have to check it out.

  23. @Smartguy – My only thought was that the Xbox HDD is exactly as wide as the system itself. if they went with a slim console the HDD needs some sort of workaround to still be compatible, right? Just my thinking

    @Ray, I agree. it’s a wish that may be far out but I also don’t want new “thin” Propietary HDDs either

  24. I don't care how big or 'slim' it is, just ramp up the reliability, drop $200, then I'll get one. I'd like to see what all the fuss is about the Fable games. And the Left4Dead games.

  25. If it is indeed reliable (yet to be seen), I wouldn’t mind selling one of my old 360’s (with the old “blades” interface, still) and upgrade to one of these. I have two since I got a spare on the cheap when my original kept RRODying on me. So, yes, I have a main 360 and a backup… just in case.

    I’m sure that Microsoft has a plan in place for either HDD data transfer to this new console or probably an integrated slot/port to put in the full-sized proprietary HDD so that it looks like it belongs. C’mon now, they can’t be that stupid to make two different sets of HDDs for two different sized consoles that both do the same thing, right?


  26. @ ALL

    I forgot to bookmark the site that enables you to change my profile pic, what is it?

  27. @ RROD;

    You forgot; “and doesn’t have the hardware fail on me.”

    @ N8;

    That’s a cool mock-up. You should get a job with the Microsoft hardware development/design people.

    @ Smartguy;

    I never had to bother with the HDD transfer kits (although I have heard a lot about them) since I’ve never upgraded my original 20 GB hard drives on my two Xboxes. Even though I can afford it, I simply can not stomach paying Microsoft any more money for what is so obviously a blatant rip-off to the tune of about $1.68 per gb ($99 retail of the 60 GB HDD). It’s the same reason I don’t buy a Xbox 360 official wireless adapter.


  28. @ N8;

    … and that’s why I think you could totally work for the hardware development/design department. I wouldn’t have been able to come up with something like that in ten minutes. I am awesome. So when someone comes along and can do something I can’t, they must be more awesome by definition. Therefore, you are qualified by my standards to work for Microsoft or any other game company designing consoles. Inductive reasoning at its finest, no?

    Also awesome is my three-year-old nephew who can play golf a lot better than I.


  29. I wouldn't mind owning and Xbox one day myself but none of its features still appeal to me at all. *shrug* I'd probably still only want it for Tales of Vesperia since it's taking to bring us the ps3 version.

  30. Umm, they can't make it any thinner. As far as we know it still has a DVD drive, which will sit over the motherboard like it does now. They could shorten its height and length though. Even then there should still be room for the HDD to sit where it is now. (the HDD doesn't take up the whole top of the 360 anyway)

  31. @Cami

    You don't like playing fun games? That's a cool feature. Updates and downloads are faster. I'm also the kind of person who must own all of the current machines.


    Both of the Fable games are pretty fun. The first game isn't what it was supposed to be, however that didn't make it a bad game. The second improved on the first one quite a bit. If you are looking for a game that will test your limits as a gamer and has a difficulty that makes grown men cry…these aren't for you. They are just fun games to interact with. The second I think has great style…similar to KH.

  32. @Sandrock

    What if they turned the DVD drive into a slot loader? The one on my MacBook is pretty thin.

  33. @Smartguy

    Not sure, but I think either the heat produced will go up or the disc speed will go down. They can't/won't want either. They could drop the drive all together if they wanted. Games On Demand would have to get an over hall to support it though. (They are promising great things for Live this year)

  34. @cami

    It's odd that someone who likes a PS for game playing would not like an xbox. If it is the controller then I understand. In fact, the input method is really the only thing I could see e.g. Wii vs PS3 or 360.

    To me, games are games…unless they are on the Wii. I prefer FPS games on 360 simply because of the controller…but I could care less what system other genres are on.

  35. @sandrock

    hmmm….i think the slot loader wouldn't be a hindrance…especially since you can install to hdd. we'll see though.

  36. @Smartguy- Heck yeah, I’m all for fun.
    When you said “If you are looking for a game that will test your limits as a gamer and has a difficulty that makes grown men cry…”, you were talking about ‘Demon’s Souls’ weren’t you? The little I played of that game made me want to sit in the corner, hug my knees and rock back and forth.

  37. @Redd75
    Yes, Demon’s Souls came to mind. I own it, and love it…and hate it at the same time lol.

  38. @Smartguy – lol :P I do like fun games!

    But tbh, most of my friends don’t own an Xbox(I can count maybe 3 people total), so I’ve just never been around them a lot. And what little time I’ve played on one I’ve never really liked it. But that’s opinion based on very little handling time.

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