GDC 2010 Pictures: Pole Dancers at Activision’s True Crime Party

GDC was pretty interesting last night. I thought it was just going to be coffee, friend chatting, and sleep. Instead, this hottie producer from the Bioshock team took me out to a fancy dinner. Chris Taylor and Kellyn Beeck from Gas Powered Games were at the same restaurant and we caught up with them after an excellent meal. I remembered that I promised my friend at Activision that I’d stop by her party, so Sugar Mama and I left the excellent GPG people to check out the True Crime event. I was expecting the flowing libations, but I was surprised that there were pole dancers at the event. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Author: RPadTV

22 thoughts on “GDC 2010 Pictures: Pole Dancers at Activision’s True Crime Party”

  1. Great pictures, Mr. Padilla. Are all of those 8/10 as well? At least one there seemed like she could be a 9/10.


  2. @sandrock

    I don't see one either but the face looks like it has manly features. Maybe it's just the look she's giving.

  3. @Iceman That’s a tough one. The muscular girl with the insane flexibility was my favorite, but I was pretty hammered and had sexy producer chick with me so I can’t be sure.

  4. Pretty good pics. I didn’t expect this at GDC. Is it just me or does the first girl look like a he/she?

  5. If Ray writes a book called “How To Win Friends and Verbally Entertain”, I will follow it up with “Confessions Of An R-Padaholic”.

  6. thanks R-pad, great way to kick off the lonly friday night, oh wait did say that outloud?

    **looking for the flying frying pan that is sure to be headed my way any second now**

  7. @iceman

    i think that the one throwing the frying pan would like for me to just shut up now! frying pans hurt by the way!

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