Microsoft Allows Xbox Gamertags to Reflect Sexual Orientation

Gamers that want to express their sexual orientation, religious belief, and race on Xbox Live will be able to do so thanks to a Gamertag update from Microsoft. According to Gamasutra:

Microsoft is making changes to its Xbox Live Code of Conduct to expand the kinds of Gamertags it allows — which means users can now have tags that indicate their sexual orientation, religion or race.

I love this move. It gives gamers more choices in how they can identify themselves to other players.

Are you guys going to reveal more information? Do you like that Microsoft has allowed this? Or are you all “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to race, religion, and sexual orientation?


Author: RPadTV

7 thoughts on “Microsoft Allows Xbox Gamertags to Reflect Sexual Orientation”

  1. Hmm i agree with Smartguy, i can't wait to see how creative people will start getting with these names.

  2. I wonder how much of an increase we'll see in people being banned by moderators once this happens?

  3. Hey, if they can help me get to level 50 on Horde mode, I don't care if they're gamer tag is "Luvs2Spooge"


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