TiVo Announces Premiere and Premiere XL Models

TiVo has announced that it will be offering two new digital video recorders in early April: the $299.99 Premiere and the $499.99 Premiere XL. Both models feature a new interface that several tech bloggers have described as “TiVo meets IMDB”. The new interface is based on Flash and will support downloadable extensions. Here are some bullet points:

TiVo Premiere
New HD user interface for optimized search & discovery
Records up to 45 hours of HD programming
Support for NetFlix, Amazon Video, and YouTube
Connects to your cable service, replacing your cable box
Access the world’s largest on-demand video store
Schedule recordings online or with your mobile phone

TiVo Premiere XL
3 times more recording space — up to 150 hours of HD
THX certified for premium audio and digital quality
TiVo premium backlit remote control

Users will also have to pay the TiVo service fee, which ranges from $12.95 a month to $399 for lifetime service.

I’m amazingly psyched for the TiVo Premiere XL. I want one now!!! *sigh* Too bad I totally can’t afford it.

Any of you going to spring for a TiVo Premiere or Premiere XL?


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9 thoughts on “TiVo Announces Premiere and Premiere XL Models”

  1. It's still needs cable cards, right? I'll pass. Comcast tech support never seems to get cable cards working the right way.

  2. Wow, what a coincidence! I'm actually in the market for a Tivo. I was hoping to score a used unit on eBay, but maybe I'll wait a bit longer and check out the new units. After all, I've gone this long without a DVR, so what's another month, right?

    @ Tokz;

    No cable company would be willing to get cable cards working the right way. They were pretty much forced (kicking and screaming along the way) to issue those cards to consumers and I don't think any of them are too happy about it. Can you really blame them for being sore about it?


  3. @Iceman

    I'm speaking from working on the other side of the phone. I used to work at Comcast and still no more than any of the reps that are working there still. I know how to work the cable cards and how they should be installed but they never want to listen when i tell them what commands to send to the cards. *sighs* so much for the customer being right.

  4. @ tokz;

    Isn't Comcast's motto: "The customer is always retarded?" I mean, why else would they insult my intelligence with commercials featuring Shaquille O' Neal and Ben "Doesn't know crap about economics" Stein?

    @ Mr. Padilla;

    Do you know if I can get this Tivo Premier thing new off of Amazon? If I can, I'll do it. Just let me know. I figured; "what the hell."


  5. @iceman

    It feels like it at times. Their employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, those call centers are frustrating trust me.

  6. @Iceman You can indeed! It's currently available for pre-order on Amazon. Just search for "Tivo Premiere" in the handy Amazon box before the comments. Please let me know if you do.

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