What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I swear it was Monday yesterday. Ha! Funny how that goes…. Anyway, I’ve watched two sets of endings for Heavy Rain and I’m not sure that I care to see the others just yet. Instead, I’m going to spend the weekend trophy hunting, replaying different chapters of the game so that I can rack up rewards on my secondary PSN account (as a few of you know, it’s sorely lacking). Some of the trophies are a snap to get, so I should be able to snag a whole bunch in two days.

When I need a break from Heavy Rain, I’ll be going to my old standby: Civilization Revolution for iPhone. I can’t believe how many hours I’ve gotten out of the game. I’m pretty sure it’s the best gaming value of my life (and I bought it on sale for $2.99!).

As always, I want to know what you’re playing this weekend. Share your weekend playlist with your fellow RPadholics.

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  1. i just went to shack news, man that site sucks

    im on my second playthrough of assassins creed 2

  2. I'm gonna be leveling up to level 61 on Borderlands via the new DLC. And, as always, The Cartel on my iPhone.

    @ Thundercracker

    I wasn't that impressed either.

  3. This weekend I will be playing a game being called so terrible its brilliant. I have even heard some people say its life changing playing this game which is developing quite the cult following. That game my friends is Deadly Premonition.

  4. im upset cause neither cartel or civ:rev arent on the droid store


    what are some great apps for your smartphone that you love?


    nesoid- nes emulator


    slacker radio

    qik–AWESOME app, record video, then upload to a server and share in one easy step

    the weather channel-obviously


    iheartradio–listen to any clear channel radio station in the country in hd (also on iphone)

  5. I REALLY need to finish playing Dante's Inferno so I can post my review, but I'll probably start a 4th playthrough of Mass Effect 2. Baseball games coming next week though!!

  6. also that new playstation mlb 10 commercial is brilliant..if someone can find that please post it, i cant seem to

  7. @ Apps

    Cleartune – a chromatic tuner for my guitars.

    Simplify Media 2 – Streams my entire music collection to my phone wherever I am (it worked from Cali to Pittsburgh on the 3G)

    RemotePad – Mouse and keyboard for the computer.

    Freak Out – A Magic Trick

    Voltron – A Voltron game (sucker for nostalgia)


    Red Dwarf Soundboard

    National Debt calculator – Right now, it's at $13,083 390,999,999 and will go up another 10 million by the time I'm done typing. It's also at $42.730.09 per citizen.

    Rock Band

    The Cartel

    Civ. Rev.


    There's more, but I don't have all day.

  8. @apps (iphone)

    sketchbook express (free)


    traffic rush (game)

    Stitcher radio

    Idict (tranlastion app)

  9. @tokz

    no dude, not that one…this one has the funny kevin guy in it and he claims he doesnt know who joe mauer is.

    youll see it soon!!

    that dude is awesome

  10. also as a public service announcement to those who didnt know ( i didnt)

    the god of war 3 demo is live on psn…some of you have had it for months

  11. @Sandrock

    You got a PS3?


    I already have MLB 10: The Show paid off. Just waiting for Tuesday to pick it up. Which one are you getting. MLB 2K isn't anywhere near as good as The Show but 2K is giving the one million dollar challenge to whoever throws a no hitter first. I kinda think that they put a bug in the game that prevents anyone from pitching a no hitter so they can get more people to buy the game and try it but never have to give up the money. That's a lot of money. I could be wrong though. They know that The Show is a much better game.

  12. @rrod: I'm getting a review copy of 2K10, but I'm planning on picking up the show for myself when I'm donw reviewing 2K. One of our other editors is reviewing The Show.

    That being said, I was on the developer conference call for 2K10 yesterday, and it sounds like they've made some promising improvements. I'm still somewhat skeptical after having to endure the glitch fest that was last year's game, but we'll see.

  13. @thundercracker

    Did you know that guy from the sony commercials, Kevin Butler, has a twitter page. I sent him a tweet to see if I can get a link to that commercial. *crosses fingers*

  14. Definitely heavy rain as I write a review for it, already finished it once this week and I've played every chapter at least twice by now.

    I had an interesting thing happen, during the hold commands I ran out of fingers and they were all twisted up on other buttons so I literally used my tongue to hold down the X button. haha

  15. @RRODisHere – Sandrock's gonna be playing HR at my house tonight lol *eye twitch*

    @Shockwave562 – HAHAHAHA I was talking about something similar this morning. But I didn't go as far as using my tongue. Nice trick! :P

    @topic – Once I shove Sandrock out of my house it'll be all Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles lol.

  16. @Cami – ya they get pretty tough. I need another hand near me.

    @Nigthshade – ya I think my girlfriend was a tad jealous.

  17. I really don't know how I'm gonna find time to play both MLB titles, Final Fantasy XIII, Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening and God of War 3 in one month.

    BTW, Bioware has got me scared with this Dragon Age expansion. When was the last time something with more than one colon in the title was good? (Ok, sure there was X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Uncaged Edition, but you get my point…..)

  18. @Nigthshade – I give Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords a hard time cause it wasn't half the game Kotor was. but still, I enjoyed it with both colons. even though the story sucked.

  19. MAG.


    Meebo – free messenger that is very fast. Can be used to bridge any IM app. Highly recommended ESP since it has push.


    Speedtest, by Ookla

  20. @Shockwave: Yeah, I really feel the same way about that game no matter how much I knock it. I really Wish Obsidian had had the time to finish a proper game.

  21. GOW: Collection

    NSMB Wii. My gf and I missed some coins on worlds 2-7. We're at the last castle on World 8, might as well completely finish the game. So we're going back. (not like Jack says on Lost)

  22. @ tokz_21;

    Is that "God of War" or "Gears of War?" I'm asking because I'm trying to get some Gears of War 2 multiplayer achievements this weekend (Horde mode, anyone?), but will probably get frustrated and start playing Shadow Complex. I played the demo last week and it seemed like it lives up to the hype. I downloaded the full game a few days ago and may try to take it out for a spin this weekend.

    Also in my queue; Fallout 3 and Modern Warfare 2.


  23. @Iceman

    that's God Of War, sorry to confuse you. do they have a Gears of War collection? I would pick that up. My Xbox friends are Halo-philes and won't try any other shooter games.

  24. I should say some of the gripes are just inconsistencies with reality, no more so than most hollywood films or other games have (such as never having to reload a gun).

    But there are some good things there that make you wonder

  25. Patrick Kane Team USA Jersey: $209

    50" Plasma HD TV: $2000

    Digital Video Recorder: $200

    USA Hockey in the Semifinals today: Priceless.

    Let's go U.S.A.!!

    (Anyone spoils the score for me before I get a chance to go home and watch the game later, I will hunt you down. Just sayin')

  26. @nightshade

    I will make sure i don't post anything, Olympic hockey related.

    I can't wait, i'll be able to stream the game from work!

  27. @ Shockwave & RROD

    You guts are smart. I wouldn't have thought to use my tongue or my nose.

    I'd have used a different appendage.

  28. @tokz: our wireless connection at the office is so spotty I'm lucky I can get internet at all. SO I've gotta DVR it and watch it later. I prefer the days when I can work from home and just put the TV on while I work.

  29. @tokz: I agree. It's sad it takes the US getting to the medal rounds to show any hockey on the big network. But hopefully this good run by the US team helps the NHL ratings too….maybe enough to move them to a network that I can see. It would be nice to be able to watch the games more often around here since I don't get VS.

  30. @Playing this weekend

    No clue because I got too many games this past week. I think I am going to try and start a bit of each of these.

    PSP – Assassins Creed Bloodlines, Resistance Retribution, God of War Chains of Olympus, BUZZ Master Quiz & Lumines.

    PS3 – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, M.A.G., BioShock 2, Heavy Rain

    360 – Left4Dead 2

  31. @nightshade

    I agree. It only took everyone in the U.S. to complain about not being able to watch hockey to get it on NBC. wow, you dont get versus either? I have that channel plus the NHL network. I can't wait until the season gets closer to the end. I'll be able to see even more, that's when the NHL Pass will be free for those last 10 days.

  32. @ tokz;

    There is not a Gears of War collection that I know about, but I do know that a comprehensive GoW2 game came out a little while ago that includes all of the DLC that has come out for the game on the retail disk. If you do get it and would like some company, just let me know, I'll probably be playing the multiplayer part of it for a couple of more weeks or so.


  33. @iceman

    I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll go rent it. I haven't played my 360 in awhile with all these good ps3 games in my backlog. I've never played any of the gears games, so if you don't mind playing with a noob, I'll drop you a line.

  34. @tokz: Yeah, I have directv and apparently they're having some sort of fight with Comcast or Charter or whomever owns VS, because it just magically disappeared on me one day.

  35. @olympic hockey

    BAH! I hate you Tim Thomas! you couldn't hang on for 5 minutes more.

    and with that i'm heading home.

  36. @Shockwave

    I had to use my nose a couple of times.


    Don’t worry. If a game is good you’ll find time to play it.


    I don’t think he’ll want to leave after playing Heavy Rain.

  37. @nightshade
    I feel your pain about wireless, our office has a t1 connection plus wireless. I’m going to have it playing in the background and peek in here and there. I’m just glad that NBC is carrying it and not MSNBC or CNBC.

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