PSA: GameStop Offering 50% Trade-In Bonus Until March 14

GameStop has a pretty sweet promotion running until 3/14/10 that allows you to receive 50 percent more credit for your game trade-ins. While GameStop’s trade-in value is usually pretty poor, the bonus makes it decent to good, depending on the title. While I’d love for all of you to buy your games through Amazon using my links, this deal is too good to dismiss. I’m going to go sort through my collection to see if I can scrounge up funds for Pokemon: SoulSilver and Dragon Age: Origins Awakening pre-orders.


Author: RPadTV

19 thoughts on “PSA: GameStop Offering 50% Trade-In Bonus Until March 14”

  1. Yep, I traded in 6 games yesterday, got enough back to pay for my God of War and Final Fantasy preorders as well as the Dragon Age expansion. Fantastic deal.

  2. FYI, with an Edge card it's another 10% on top of all that. So you can actually get an additional 60% trade in value right now. Left 4 Dead 2 netted me a $47 trade in. Considering I got it for something like 25% off through because of a birthday coupon they sent me, I'm pretty sure I broke completely even on that one.

  3. im kind of going through financial hell right now…my car is totally falling apart, i dont have any expendable income right now. Its very frustrating when you make 60 grand a year and you are broke.

  4. @ R Pad

    Middleman… toilet paper… there's a joke in there somewhere.

    @ Thundercracker

    That sucks, dude. I feel for you.

  5. @ R Pad

    I GOT IT! – Between gamers and their toilet paper since 2010.

    Wait, that's not right.

  6. @ Mr. Padilla;

    Hey, that reminds me; I bought about $100 worth of stuff off your new amazon search dohicky for my house yesterday. Batteries, toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, etc. It beats going to the convenience store at midnight in your slippers and pajamas, plus I can make a nifty hat out of the cardboard box. With enough orders, I can actually make a cardboard amazon fortress that would make Nightshade’s son jealous.

    Just letting you know so those bastards don’t screw you out of your commission.


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