This Week’s Videogame Releases

Let’s see, on the the multiplatform front there’s Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Risen is hitting Xbox 360. The real question is:

Are you buying Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3 this week?

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  1. Uh, hell to the yeah. And I'll probably have Sandrock all in my apt trying to watch me play it too, or play it himself XD.

  2. boo ya! tomorrow can't come soon enough. I think my girlfriend already bought popcorn so she can watch the action.

  3. I can't tell if my husband thinks it'll be interesting. He looked bored when I played the demo, and groaned every time I was about to play the demo later on lol.

  4. On a side note, I'm somehow deeply addicted to White Knight Chronicles. And I'm not sure how lol. And only 198 hrs of gameplay to go for a platinum trophy.

  5. I'm actually on a quest to finish the gow collection on god setting to get me pumped for the gow 3. I'll probably pick up heavy rain later on.

  6. @smartguy – I think the story will be a lot more compelling first hand. I was practically on the edge of my seat for Indigo Prophecy.

  7. Wednesday is my birthday. I am using the cash I get to buy Heavy Rain. Such an epic looking game!

  8. @RROD
    I am not very good at MAG, but I have a fun time playing it. I’m almost high enough level to do the 256 player matches. the 64 v 64 can be hectic, but they are great when at least half of the team isn’t trying to be Rambo. You can’t do Rambo in that game. If you want to go it alone, use a sniper rifle. I personally only communicate with a friend of mine, I don’t talk to the squad or platoon. Sometimes someone has something important to add and I’ll take notice, or someone is just being helpful…but all in all…the community is leaps and bounds better than the MW2 community.

    No lag in the game..which is great. Updates from Zipper are pretty speedy too. I think assault rifles suck in that game, they have no power.

  9. Going to get Heavy Rain at lunch today. I bought M.A.G., Bioshock 2, COD MW 2, and Left 4 Dead 2 this weekend and haven't had time for any yet. Also got my PSP and 5 games for it. God of War Chains of Olympus, Assassins Creed Bloodlines, Resistance Retribution, Buzz Master Quiz, and Lumines (i am addicted to this game).

  10. MAG is great. I'm not good at it, but I still have plenty of fun. The community and all make it great. Some pricks to deal with sometimes, but that happens with online gaming. All in all, a great game.

  11. @smartguy

    yeah, i read what you said the other day and that's what really swung me into getting the game.

  12. @tokz

    I rented MAG when it first came out. And at first the game is kinda sucky. It doesn't feel any different from any other shooter. But when you get certain levels you get to play different types of games and maps. And finally when you get into a 256 player map it is pure bliss. You can sit back and watch people parachute in. There is so much action going on everywhere it gets crazy, then you can find yourself all alone for no reason other than you can get lost in the huge maps. Tip wanna get plenty of XP fast upgrade the medic stuff so you can revive people. I can say enough about MAG. I haven't experienced a bit of lag in the game either, so don't let that be a concern.

  13. @Tokz

    Choose your faction with care. You only get one I believe. I don't see a way to have one of each.

  14. @smartguy

    Well maybe you if you have more than one PSN id on your PS3 you can. My gf has her own on my PS3 for when we play LBP and when she feels like playing MW2. I'll have to check that out for you guys.

  15. I was on the fence about getting MAG. You guys are starting to talk me into to buying it as well.

  16. @RROD

    i know, i was on the fence about it too. Slicky and smartguy are doing a great job in lobbying for the game. Maybe i should see if BB has it available to rent yet.

  17. @tokz_21

    I played the beta but didn't get to play the 256 players matches so I missed part of the game. I can concur that there is no lag though.

  18. I think they improved the netcode and game engine from the beta to the finished product. Seems that some of the clutter from the maps has been removed and the gfx are better than they were in the beta.

    really my only complaints about MAG are that I don't like using the PS3 controller. Nothing to do with ZIpper though.

  19. Smartguy is right choose your faction wisely (don't be like the guy from Indiana Jones). No way to change it without starting over. I choose Raven and that is my only regret with the game so far. Raven seems to always be Defending and Sver kicks our ass every time. I don't know anything about the other faction so you might look into it more before you decide.

  20. @Slicky

    Valor is pretty tough. They have the best AAA guns and mortars. SVER can be rough as well. I am Raven. One map, you have a bridge on the far right, and water in between. SVER kicks our ass every time. I don't think I"ve been in a game where we ever blow up a mounted armament.

    I like how the maps are made to be unbalanced. Adds some good spice to it.

  21. @Smartguy

    I think I usually have to fight SVER, I can't even recall playing against Valor but I know I have. The level with the cooling towers never goes well for my team no matter what I doing (def, off). My favorite is the map with the large Temple. Point C is always a good fight and it takes them a concentrated effort to break through.

  22. @Slicky

    whenever my team has to defend point C on the temple map, we get owned.

    I like the logging mill map with the 10 story building in the middle. Epic firefights there.

  23. @Smartguy

    I have only gotten to play that map Once. I am level 18 or so. That is a lot of games. I liked that map because of the parachuting in. Although it did find out that you will die if you land on the powerlines. I was never able to get more than 2 steps in the mill before a wave of guys killed me. That thing is hard to get into period.

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