God of War III Vengeance Trailer

Watch. Drool. Comment.

Author: RPadTV


14 thoughts on “God of War III Vengeance Trailer”

  1. I don't know if I'm more excited for this or Heavy Rain. Either way, they're both day 1 purchases for me.

  2. Thanks for posting the trailer rpad.

    It reminded me that i have to finish the GOW collection before 3 comes out.

  3. looks good, I'm ashamed to admit I never finished GoW2. of course the first time I played GoW was after I got my PS3

  4. @RROD – for some reason I was way late to that party. Although when the first came out in 05 I had all but given up buying games for 360 and PS2 before the 360 launched in November. Money was a bit tighter then and I was trying to save up for the next gen of consoles.

    I keep meaning to finish 2 but it's pretty far on the back log. I probably need to get the collection before I get 3

  5. @thunder – it's amazing how many people are born january 1st when it comes to game videos. I don't get it, the game may be rated M but you'd think most trailers are appropriate for all audiences like movies

  6. @RROD ya the collection seems like my best bet. March isn't looking good for me anyway with the new Dragon Age DLC coming

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