Man Robs German Arcade with a Cup of Coffee

N8R sent this one in and I’m still struggling to understand how a man armed with a cup of coffee robbed an arcade in Hamelin, German. Here’s the 411 from Reuters:

“He wasn’t going to pour coffee over her, he was going to hit her with the cup,” a spokesman for local police said.

Brandishing the steaming cup he had just ordered, the thief forced the 26-year-old to open the till and fled with cash.

I suppose a coffee cup is an inconspicuous object, but it still seems like a lame weapon for “armed” robbery. Personally, I would have gone with a pint glass. Hopefully this doesn’t start a beverage-based crime wave.


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10 thoughts on “Man Robs German Arcade with a Cup of Coffee”

  1. Not only did this story crack me up as well, but as soon as I saw the word "coffee" next to the word "arcade"… I knew I had to send it in.

    I'd think it depends on the cup. My coffee mug for instance holds half of a pot and has a massive Steelers logo molded into it. If I hit someone with it, it would hurt like hell.

    Also, bare in mind that guns are illegal over there and carrying knives have big consequences attached to them.

  2. and Freeman said, "I'd hit it with a crowbar."

    Seriously though, how do you get intimidated by a coffee cup? His fists would have been more threatening.

  3. Chronicles of Riddick anyone? Kills a fellow prisoner with a tea cup.

    But for real I'm sure there's more dangerous things to retaliate with behind the counter.

  4. Those crazy Germans and their coffee mugs. Me, personally, I would have threatened to smack her over the head with a Kielbasa if she doesn't hand over the register full of Deutsche Marks.


  5. We are missing the real important part… he was served coffee in an Arcade in something other then a paper cup.

  6. @LarcenousLaugh That's actually not uncommon in Europe, though things are changing. A lot of venues give you real glasses to use, whether you're drinking soda, coffee, beer, etc. You can go to a movie in Europe and get an actual pint glass.

  7. @Ray – I had heard of the beer at the movies and fast food places, but having never been out of the country myself, I am still amazed at the stuff you can get at little places, like arcades. Having seen some of the crazy stuff they do in Japan with arcades and what an important part of their culture the vending machine is, nothing of this sort is really a huge surprise. But really… who throws a shoe/coffee cup?

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