Game Crazy Being Cut to 250 Stores

Game Crazy, a videogame specialty store found alongside some Hollywood Video shops, is being reduced to 250 locations as part of its parent company’s bankruptcy reorganization. Since GameStop and EB Games merged, Game Crazy was pretty much the only specialty retailer competing with the unstoppable GameStop juggernaut (albeit only in select cities). Lacking competition, GameStop can continue to gouge customers on trade-ins and used-game sales (at least at the brick-and-mortar level).

My friend Justin always spoke highly of Game Crazy and raved about some of its deals. I never had access to one in San Francisco and haven’t bothered to hit one up since I moved to Los Angeles. Do any of you have Game Crazy stores near you? Is your shop closing? Will you miss it?


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6 thoughts on “Game Crazy Being Cut to 250 Stores”

  1. I've only bought one thing at a game crazy and that's when they were going out of business about a couple of months ago in Chicago. It's funny at the time the Hollywood Video stores were going to stay open but closing the game crazy's. Then a month later the video store closed. It went from adverstising Funny People and Harry Potter are guaranteed to be in stock; to not having any stock at all. It was out of nowhere! I'm upset they didn't have any going out of business sales like the game crazy's and a couple of Blockbuster's by me.

  2. Yeah 3 of the hollywood's did that around me as well.

    I just hoped I am not cursed. I worked at Circuit City for a year, and they closed. I worked at a Blockbuster, and it closed. Now they transfered me to another one, so I pray to God that those were just coincidence, and that my store doesn't close, again.

  3. Game Crazy rocks. I have 3 near me and I hope they don't close.

    However, since it's run by Hollywood video and i feel movie rental is a dying enterprise… it may be inevitable.

  4. @ Arguello;

    You need to start working for companies that are on their way up, not down. Try a company like Legitimate Business LLC, run by Italian-Americans from Queens.


  5. I used to go to one near me…but management changed 3 times in 6 months and they kept hiring non-gamers. I moved to GameStop, and their staff and throughly taken care of me. I think when Hollywood Video got bought out by Movie Gallery they seriously lost sight of their focus.

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