Can You Spot All the WWE Superstars in the MacGruber Trailer?

There are currently six WWE Superstars involved in the MacGruber movie and five of them can be found in this trailer. 50 RPad points will be awarded to anyone that can spot them all. If Dumbledore can randomly award points then so can I (just don’t ask what the points are good for).

I really don’t “get” MacGruber. Some of the sketches were fun, but I never thought of Will Forte as someone that was funny enough to carry a movie. Those “Falconer” sketches?!? Half the time I was laughing at how bad they were. The good news for the movie is that it has a strong supporting cast, included some excellent WWE Superstars!

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5 thoughts on “Can You Spot All the WWE Superstars in the MacGruber Trailer?”

  1. I think i have them but i'm sure i'm wrong, is it. Mark Henry, Khali, Jericho, Kane and MVP?

    Also, i've stopped watching SNL as it stopped being funny for me. So, I will probably support this only to see "The man of a 1,001 holds!"

  2. @Rpad

    haha. My fault could you delete that goof comment. I like the antagonists, so it would be Slytherin but i don't know much more in the HP world. So, that's as much as i can hang with you. Also, i saw the Harry Potter Exhibit when it was here in Chicago. (took my little sister who was 9 when she read them is now 14.) It was a complete rip, you don't get to take vids or pics, for the 30 something dollars i paid for each ticket all i have is a lousy stub and memory of going to it, as proof.

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