Tarver Games’ Chris Cross Kicks Off His Blog

My friend Chris Cross from Tarver Games, makers of the excellent Ghosts Attack for iPhone, has started a blog. It’s a blend of business and pleasure. By business, I mean updates on Tarver’s development efforts. By pleasure I mean donkeys, monkeys, and classic cars. He’s a hilarious and smart guy, so I encourage you to check it out!

Author: RPadTV


7 thoughts on “Tarver Games’ Chris Cross Kicks Off His Blog”

  1. I don't doubt that he's a hilarious and smart guy Ray, but what we want to know is…does he jumpjump?

  2. @ R Pad

    What about jokes asking if he has a brother Frank who runs the IBC network and got way cooler one christmas?

  3. wow i really missed the bus on this thread

    i missed the bus, and its something that i will never ever do again

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